Free Video Sharing on Sevenload

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Sevenload is a photo and video sharing community-based in Germany, but now available in English. With its unusually large file size limits and no restrictions on the format for videos, this site is quickly gaining popularity throughout Europe.

Cost of Sevenload

  • Free

Terms of Service

You retain the rights to your work, but Sevenload can do what they want with it until you take it off the website. You may not upload content that is illegal, obscene, harmful, hateful, infringes copyright, or includes advertising.

Sign-Up Procedure

Sevenload requires a username, password and email address.

In order to upload media, you must activate your account via a link emailed to the address you provide. This link will take you to your profile, where you can fill in additional information such as your birthday and gender (remember, it’s a European site — dates are in dd/mm/yyyy format, not mm/dd/yyyy). There will be a nice big upload now button to take you to the upload form.

Uploading to Sevenload

You can upload up to 250 files or 200MB at a time; the file sizes are unusually big, with photos up to 10MB and videos up to 200MB. All video formats are permitted and there are no restrictions on length.

Once you click upload, text boxes will open for you to add a title, tags, and descriptive text. The upload is not terribly fast or terribly slow; if you want to make use of the nice big file size limits, be aware that it may take an hour or two to upload large files even with a very fast connection.

View-Ability on Sevenload

Videos on Sevenload look unusually good. What’s more, the menu button in the lower right corner of the video player lets you decide on several editing settings, and even allows you to change the color balance of your videos.

There is also a full-screen option, although videos may look a lot jerkier and the quality is not nearly as good. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the thumbnail that designates your video.

Sharing From Sevenload

To share a Sevenload video, click the Use externally link at the top of the video player. A drop-down menu will let you pick between four player sizes. When you choose a size, a little window will open with regular HTML code as well as non-Javascript HTML code (for use in sites like eBay) that you can copy and paste to embed the video on other websites.

In the sidebar on the right, there are also two more sharing options. Click one of the icons under Save Link to bookmark your video on sites like or Digg, or use the link under Share this video! to link to your video in emails or other websites.