How to Set up Your iOS Email Signature on iPhone and iPad

Attach an email signature to every email from your phone or tablet

An email signature is what shows up at the bottom of your emails. It might include anything from just your name or a funny line, to helpful information like your website URL or phone number.

You can set up an email signature on your iPhone or iPad through the Settings app. The default for the iPhone is Sent from my iPhone, but you can change your signature to anything. You can make one that applies to all of your connected email accounts or choose a specific signature for each separate account.

Know, however, that the email signature set up through Settings applies only to the built-in Mail app, not other email clients you might have installed on your device.

Note: iOS Mail on the iPhone and iPad only allows basic email signatures. While it does support bold, italic, and underline, you can not add images to your signature, change the font type or size, or include any other fancy formatting styles.

How to Make an iOS Mail Email Signature

Here's how to make an email signature automatically show up in all of your emails on your iPhone or iPad:

Tip: See our step-by-step walkthrough of this tutorial if you'd rather follow along with images.

  1. Open the Settings app from the iPhone or iPad Home screen.
  2. Scroll down and go into the Mail menu.
  3. Find and open Signature at the very bottom, in the COMPOSING section.
  4. Tap All Accounts if you want to use the same email signature for all of the email addresses tied to the Mail app.

    Tap Per Account to specify a different email signature for each of your accounts.
  1. Type your email signature in the space provided, or remove all the text to delete your email signature.
  2. Tap the Mail link at the top left of the Signature page to save the changes.
  3. You can now exit the Settings app.


  • You can copy your signature from anywhere and then paste it into the signature space in the Settings app. However, only the plain text formatting will remain.
  • Highlight and long-tap any text to select BIU for applying text formatting (such as boldface).
  • Try to limit your signature to some five to maybe seven lines of text in total. Anything more is usually an eye sore.
  • It's not typical to include your email address or street address in your email signature. Links to social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, however, can be useful, as can a recent article or post about you or your company.
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