How to Set up Yandex.Mail in iOS Mail

Send and receive Yandex.Mail emails right from your iOS device

Yandex.Mail is easy to use from their website, but not so great if you're on a mobile web browser. Fortunately, you can set up Yandex.Mail with IMAP access through the built-in Mail app on your iPhone or iPad. 

Once you have, you'll be able to use Yandex.Mail along with any other email accounts you've set up on your iOS device.

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 Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

How to Use Yandex.Mail From an iPhone or iPad

Follow these instructions to get Yandex.Mail up and working on an iOS device.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down and select Passwords & Accounts.

  3. Select Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account.

    Yandex.Mail iOS
  4. Fill out the text field with your name, Yandex.Mail email address, the password used to access the account, and an optional description to identify the account.

  5. Select Next.

  6. In the IMAP tab, enter the IMAP server settings for Yandex.Mail under the INCOMING MAIL SERVER section. These settings are necessary in order to download mail from your Yandex.Mail account.

  7. Below that section, under OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, enter the Yandex.Mail SMTP server settings so that the Mail app understands how to send mail to your email account.

  8. Select Next.

  9. Make sure Mail is enabled, then select Save to finish setting up your Yandex.Mail account.