How to Set Up Yandex.Mail in iOS Mail (as an IMAP Account)

Yandex.Mail IMAP in iOS Mail. Apple, Inc.

Email in a browser may be okay on the desktop; on the phone, it is but cumbersome and an app clearly the way to go. With Yandex.Mail, you get just such an app equipped to help you with access to all your email and folders and labels to boot.

What if you would like Yandex.Mail in the comfort of iOS Mail, though, together with your other email accounts?

Fortunately, setting up Yandex.Mail in iOS Mail is not only possible, it is also—almost—as easy as installing an app.

Of course, adding Yandex.Mail using IMAP will not only allow you to read and work with the emails in your inbox, you can also access all the folders you have set up online at Yandex.Mail (in your browser on the desktop). Of course, actions you take in iOS Mail—such as deleting or moving messages—will synchronize with your account and with Yandex.Mail set up in other email programs using IMAP.

Set Up Yandex.Mail in iOS Mail (as an IMAP Account)

To add a Yandex.Mail account to iOS Mail on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using IMAP:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Tap Add Account under ACCOUNTS.
  • Now select Other under Add Account.
  • Tap Add Mail Account under MAIL.
  • Type your full name—or, perhaps, what else you want to appear in the From: line of emails you send—under Name.
  • Enter your Yandex.Mail address under Email.
  • Now enter your Yandex.Mail password under Password.
  • Optionally, change the account's name under Description.
  • Tap Next.
  • Make sure Mail is enabled.
  • Now tap Save.