How to Set up Yahoo! Calendar iCal Sync

Share your calendar with anyone

You can share Yahoo! calendar events with anyone through what's called an iCalendar (iCal) file. These calendar files might have the ICAL or ICALENDAR file extension but normally end in ICS.

After you make a Yahoo! calendar, you can let anyone view the events and import the calendar into their own calendar program or mobile app. This feature is great if you have a work or personal calendar that you want co-workers, friends, or family to be able to see whenever you make changes.

Once you've followed the steps below, just share the URL to the ICS file, and they'll be able to monitor all your new and existing calendar events to keep tabs on your schedule. If you ever decide to stop sharing these events, just follow the steps explained below.

Finding the Yahoo! Calendar iCal Address

  1. Log on to your Yahoo! Mail account.

  2. Select the Calendar icon at the upper-right corner of the inbox. Your calendar page will open in a new tab.

    A screenshot of Yahoo Mail with the Calendar button highlighted
  3. Select Actions in the toolbar across the top of the calendar and select Create New Calendar to create and share a new calendar.

    Alternatively, select the small arrow next to an existing calendar.

    A screenshot of Yahoo Mail with the Create New Calendar command under the Actions menu highlighted
  4. Once you've created a calendar, it will appear in the left pane. Click the small arrow next to it and choose the Share... option.

    A screenshot of a calendar menu in Yahoo mail with the Share command highlighted
  5. Name the calendar and select a color for it.

    Screenshot of Calendar name and color
  6. Put a check in the box next to the Generate links option.

    A screenshot of the Yahoo Mail calendar options with the "Generate Links" option highlighted
  7. Copy the URL that appears at the bottom of that screen, under the To import into a Calendar app (ICS) section.

    A screenshot of a Shared Calendar setting window in Yahoo Mail with the "Import into a calendar app" link highlighted
  8. Click Save to exit out of that screen and return to Yahoo! Calendar.

    A screenshot of a shared calendar's settings in Yahoo Mail with the Save button highlighted

Stop Sharing a Yahoo! Calendar ICS File

If you open the link you copied or share it with someone else, that person can have access to the iCal file and see all your calendar events.

You can always revoke access by returning to Step 7 and choosing the Reset link option next to the ICS section. It's the small, half circle arrow next to the words View events only. Clicking this Reset link option will make a new calendar URL and deactivate the old one.

A screenshot of shared calendar settings in Yahoo Mail with the Reset Link button highlighted
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