How to Set up Wi-Fi on Nintendo DSi

Access the internet on your Nintendo DSi

What to Know

  • Turn on the DSi and go to System Settings > Internet > Connection Settings > None > Search for an Access Point and select the network.
  • For a locked or encrypted connection, select Change Security Settings to enter a WPA key.

This article explains how to connect a Nintendo DSi to a Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect the DSi to Wi-Fi

The DSi has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, so setting up a connection isn't too difficult. Like with laptops and mobile devices, once you set up your wireless connection, the DSi automatically connects whenever you're in range.

If you have trouble with your Wi-Fi setup, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the Nintendo DSi

  2. Select the wrench icon to access System Settings.

  3. Select Internet on the third page of System Settings.

  4. Select Connection Settings, and tap the None bar in Connection 1.

  5. You can set up a connection manually or search for available connections in the area. You may also access your Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector if you have one (the product has been discontinued). The easiest thing to do is select Search for an Access Point.

    Most Nintendo DS and DSi owners can get online by searching for an access point, but some might have to resort to a manual setup. Visit the Nintendo manual setup guide if you have a unique situation and need help.

  6. Your Nintendo DSi lists the names of any wireless access points in range. A gold, unlocked icon next to the connection's name signifies an unlocked WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) connection that can be accessed immediately. A locked gold icon signifies an encrypted WEP or WPA(2) connection that requires a key (password).

    The Nintendo DSi can go online with a WPA connection, but playing DSi games online requires a WEP connection.

  7. If you chose to access a locked/encrypted connection, enter your key. You may also select Change Security Settings to enter a WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) key.

  8. If the key is correct, the Nintendo DSi connects. You can test the connection to verify.

  9. You're set! Now you can surf the internet, purchase games and add-ons in the Nintendo DSi Shop, and play games that allow wireless access and competition (with WEP connections only).

If you need help with the router settings, visit the Nintendo router FAQ.

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