How to Set up a Vacation Auto-Reply in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

Let People Know That You're Out of the Office

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AIM Mail and AOL Mail can be such helpful an email service! If you're unable to tend to your mail for some — limited or indefinite — time, you can set up an out-of-office auto-responder.

While enabled, the automatic agent will send each person trying to reach you one message informing them about your absence and, optionally, when you'll return. AIM Mail takes care not to send more than one message to people (or mailing lists) sending you more than one email.

Set up a Vacation Auto-Reply in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

To create an out-of-office auto-responder in AIM Mail or AOL Mail that informs senders about your temporary absence and when you expect to return:

  • Click Options in your AOL Mail top navigation toolbar.
  • Select Settings from the menu that has shown.
    • Follow the Settings link in AIM Mail or AOL Mail's top area if you use AOL Mail's basic version.
  • Go to the General category.
  • Click No mail away message under Mail Away Message.
  • Select from the menu that comes up:
    • I am unavailable for a general, undetermined out-of-office auto-reply.
    • I am away until... if you know when you will return; enter your return's date under Hello, I am away until ___.
    • Custom to craft your own out-of-office reply; include when you will return, if you can, and whether you will catch up on old mail or would prefer mail to be re-sent.
    • In AOL Mail basic, the choices will be named and accessed in slightly different a manner.
  • Click Save.

When you return, be sure to set Mail Away Message back to No mail away message.