Set up a Vacation Auto-Reply in AOL Mail

Let people know you're away

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AOL Mail offers an auto-reply option for those times when you won't be checking your email on your usual schedule.​ When enabled, your auto-reply goes out in response to any emails sent to you. This auto-reply informs the sender of your absence when you plan to return, and other details you want to include.

AOL Automates the process

After you set up and enable an auto-reply message, you don't have to do a thing. Senders receive it automatically. If you receive more than one message from the same person while you're away, the auto-reply goes out only for the first message. This prevents the sender's inbox from being overwhelmed with your away messages.

Configure AOL Mail to Respond Automatically

To create an out-of-office auto-responder in AOL Mail that informs senders about your temporary absence:

  1. Go to in a web browser and log in to your AOL account.

  2. Select Options, then choose Mail Settings.

    AOL Mail with the Mail Settings option highlighted
  3. In the left column, select General.

    Settings in AOL Mail with the General heading highlighted
  4. Select No mail away message, which is the default entry in the Mail Away Message section. Then, select an option:

    • Choose I am unavailable to send Hello, I am unavailable to read your message at this time to incoming messages.
    • Choose I am away until [insert date] and am unable to read your message. This is a good option if you know when you plan to return. Add the date of your return.
    • Choose Custom to craft your own out-of-office reply. For example, leave location information for family and friends, or let co-workers know whether you'll read the message when you return or you prefer them to resend messages after your return date. 
    AOL Mail with the away message options highlighted
  5. Select Save Settings.

  6. When you return from vacation, go to the Mail Away Message section and choose No mail away message to turn off the auto-responses.

You can't set up auto-responses on the AOL mobile app.

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