How to Set Up and Use the Nintendo Online Family Plan

Play Switch games online with the whole family

The Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership is a special tier of the Nintendo Switch Online service. Nintendo family plans allow up to eight Nintendo account-holders to play Nintendo Switch games online.

Information in this article applies to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite video game consoles.

How to Create a Nintendo Switch Online Family Plan Group

The person who sets up the family plan will be responsible for paying the annual subscription fee as well as adding and removing other accounts. To make a Nintendo Switch family plan and add members to the group:

  1. Go to the Nintendo Switch Online memberships page in any web browser.

    Buying the Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership on the official Nintendo website.
  2. Scroll down to Family Membership and select Purchase.

    The Purchase button
  3. Log in to your Nintendo account.

    Nintendo account sign-in form on the official Nintendo website.

    You can sign in using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or your Nintendo Network ID if you've previously linked them to your Nintendo account.

  4. Once logged in, the page will reload. Scroll down to Family Membership again and select Proceed to Purchase.

    The Proceed to Purchase button
  5. With your Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership subscription activated, go to the Family Group section of your Nintendo Account.

    The Family Group section
  6. Select Add a Member.

    The Add a Member option
  7. Select Invite to family group.

    The "Invite to family group" button

    Select Create a child account if you want to track your kids' activity with the Switch Parental Controls app.

  8. Enter the email address associated with the Nintendo account you want to add, then select Submit. The user will receive a link to join the family group.

    The Adding Family Members screen

Nintendo Online Family Plan Features

The Nintendo Switch Online family plan includes the same benefits as individual memberships, but it allows them to be shared among everyone in the family group. These features include:

Nintendo Family Plans vs. Individual Plans

There are two main differences between the Nintendo family plan and the one for solo gamers:

  • Nintendo Switch Online Family Memberships are billed annually with no monthly or tri-monthly payment options.
  • Up to eight Nintendo account-holder can access all Nintendo Switch Online features.

Individual accounts can be added or removed from the family group at any time. Although it's possible to add existing users to your Switch, members of the family group don't have to be registered to the same console. In fact, each user can access Nintendo Online from their own separate system. That way, you can play online with other members of your family.

The Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership is completely separate from the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls feature, which is completely free to use.

Who Should Use the Nintendo Switch Family Plan?

The family plan is recommended for any household where more than one person intends to sign up for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. One annual Nintendo Switch Online subscription costs $19.99 per user, but a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership, which allows up to eight members, costs $34.99 a year and covers everyone in the group. Even with just two members, the Nintendo Switch Online family plan will save you money.

Children and adults each count as individual users in a family group. For example, a group of two children and two adults would still count as four members.

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