How to Set up a Sonos One

Setting up a new Sonos One or adding one to a system takes just a few seconds

What to Know

  • First, connect your Sonos One to power, and make sure you have the Sonos app installed for either iOS or Android.
  • For new system: Open the app and go to Set up a new system > Add, and select your Sonos One. Then, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • For existing systems: Open the Settings tab in the Sonos app, and then select System and Add Product. Follow the onscreen instructions.

This article explains how to set up a Sonos One speaker. Whether or not you already have Sonos products in your space, setting up a Sonos One speaker only requires a phone with the Sonos app installed, your Sonos One speaker, and a minute or two of your time.

Different Sonos speakers often have slightly different setup methods, so if you're trying to get a different Sonos device up and running, consider consulting your product's manual first. These steps are only guaranteed to work with the Sonos One.

How to Set up a Sonos One With a New System

Setting up your first Sonos is just as easy as adding a Sonos to a preexisting setup.

  1. Download and install the Sonos app on either iOS or Android.

  2. Place your Sonos One in its intended location, and connect it to power.

  3. Open the Sonos app, and select Set up a new system. You'll be prompted to either log in to your Sonos account or to create a Sonos account to log in with.

  4. Once logged in, tap Add on the popup window that displays your Sonos One.

  5. Follow along with the instructions onscreen to finish setting up your Sonos One.

    During the setup process, you will be asked if you'd like to set up voice control, through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

How to Set up a Sonos One With an Existing System

If you already have a Sonos system, adding in a Sonos One doesn't require any new downloads and only asks you to tap a few things on your phone.

  1. Put your Sonos One in your desired location, and connect the speaker to power.

  2. Open up the Sonos app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

  3. From the Settings tab, select System, and then tap Add Product.

  4. Follow along with the steps onscreen to connect your new Sonos One to your Sonos system.

Troubleshooting Problems Connecting to Sonos One

If your Sonos One isn't being found by the Sonos app, the most common problem with setting up a Sonos product, the folks over at Sonos have a helpful page with troubleshooting tips.

In short, here are the top things to try if your Sonos is experiencing trouble connecting:

  • Check your Sonos' LED
  • Reboot your Sonos
  • Temporarily place your Sonos in another location
  • Use a different mobile device
  • How do I set up a Sonos One with Alexa?

    Open the Sonos app and go to Settings > Voice. Tap Services & Voice > Add a Voice Assistant (Add a Service in Sonos S1) > Amazon Alexa, then tap Add to Sonos and sign in to your Sonos account. Next, tap Sign in to Amazon; you’ll be transferred to Amazon, where you’ll sign in to your Amazon account. Follow the prompts to enable Alexa on your Sonos speaker, then tap Go to Alexa App. Link your music services, then return to the Sonos app and select I’ve set up my music in Alexa. You’re ready to use Alexa with your Sonos speaker.

  • How do I set up Google Home on my Sonos One?

    Download and launch the Sonos app for iOS or Android, then tap More > Voice Services > Google Assistant. Select Add to Sonos, then choose a speaker and tap Add Google Assistant. Select Go to Google Assistant app > Next and enter your Sonos account information. Google Assistant will detect your Sonos One speaker. Finally, give Google Assistant permission to access and control the speaker.

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