How to Make Facebook Posts From an RSS Feed

Update your followers automatically with RSS content

You can use the IFTTT service to auto-post an RSS feed to your Facebook Page. This is a huge time saver if you like to consistently post blog articles, news updates, and other things to Facebook.

When IFTTT identifies new content from the RSS feed you choose, a new Facebook post will be built and published for you. There are a few options you can customize while setting this up, which we'll go over below.

This method only works with Facebook Pages. A 2018 update to Facebook removed the ability to auto-post to profiles.

  1. Create a free IFTTT account if you don't already have one, or sign in to your account if you do.

    IFTTT signup page
  2. Open the Create Your Own page to start building a new connection.

  3. Select This.

    IFTTT create your own page
  4. Search for and choose RSS.

    IFTTT RSS button

    If you've never used the RSS trigger before, you might also see a Connect button that you have to select.

  5. Pick New feed item to have the Facebook post triggered with each and every new content from the RSS feed.

    You can instead choose New feed item matches if you want the Facebook post to be created when an RSS feed item matches a particular keyword or phrase.

    IFTTT choose trigger page for RSS
  6. Enter the feed URL.

    Learn how to find an RSS feed on a website if you're not sure what to enter here.

    IFTTT complete trigger fields page

    If you selected the second option in Step 5, you'll see another box asking about a keyword or phrase. Type into that box whatever you need the feed item to contain before the Facebook post will be created.

    IFTTT Complete trigger fields page for RSS feed
  7. Select Create trigger.

  8. Choose That.

    If RSS then that page on IFTTT
  9. Search for and select Facebook Pages.

    Facebook Pages button on IFTTT

    Select Connect, too, if you see it, and then log in to your Facebook account to choose which Facebook Page IFTTT can have access to.

  10. Select Create a link post. You actually have three options here, but only one is relevant for sending RSS feed items to Facebook posts.

    Choose action for Facebook Pages on IFTTT
  11. In the Message text box, you can type whatever you want to include along with the URL from the feed. There are variables you can select, too, if you want each post to be more relevant to the URL.

    IFTTT complete action fields for Facebook Pages

    For example, if you select Add ingredient, you can pick something like EntryTitle to show the title of the RSS feed item in the Facebook post. There are other options there as well if you want to include the author's name, the content from the feed, or the date it was published.

  12. Select Create action.

  13. Rename the Applet if you want and optionally enable notifications each time it runs, and then press Finish.

    IFTTT Review and finish page
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