How to Set Up Push Gmail on a Windows Mobile Phone

Smartphone and mail
Yagi Studio / Getty Images

You're on the go, Windows is mobile, and Gmail should join the work and fun, too—agilely pushing new messages to your Windows Mobile device the moment it arrives in your inbox.

Fortunately, setting up Gmail as an Exchange account via ActiveSync could hardly be easier in Windows Mobile.

Set Up Push Gmail on a Windows Mobile Phone

To add a Gmail account to your Windows Mobile phone or device with automatic synchronization and push notification:

  • Launch ActiveSync on the Windows Mobile device (under Start or Start | Programs.
  • Tap set up your device to sync with it..
  • Enter "" under Server address:.
  • Make sure This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection is checked.
  • Tap Next.
  • Type your full Gmail address (e.g. "") under Unser name:.
  • Enter your Gmail password under Password:.
  • Enter "google" under Domain:.
  • Choose Next.
  • Make sure E-mail is checked.
    • You can also check Contacts and Calendar to synch your address book and calendar with your Gmail contacts and Google Calendar respectively. Make sure you have backed up your existing Windows Mobile contacts and calendar.
  • Tap Finish.
  • Select Sync.

Note that Gmail ActiveSync cannot currently be newly enabled for accounts that have not previously used it.