How to Set Up a PS5

Set up the PS5 stand, connect the console to your TV, and plug in the controller to start gaming

What to Know:

  • Turn stand over > rotate top and bottom until it clicks > connect console to TV with an HDMI cable. 
  • Connect the power cord and press the power button on the front of your PS5.
  • Connect your PS5 controller to the console > tap the PS button in the middle of the controller to get started.

This article explains how to set up a PlayStation 5 console. The instructions apply to the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. 

How to Set Up Your PS5 Stand

Before you connect power cords and more to your Sony PlayStation 5, you must set up the PS5 stand properly. Here's what to do.


The PS5 stand needs to be installed whether you're placing the PS5 horizontally or vertically, to ensure the console is safe.

  1. Take the stand out of the box and turn it over.

  2. Rotate the top and bottom part of the stand in opposite directions until it clicks.


    A compartment containing a screw should now be visible. 

  3. Remove the screw and put aside for safe keeping.

  4. Place the PlayStation 5 upside down on a flat surface.

  5. Remove the screw hole cap from the side of the console (what would be the bottom if it was standing upright) 

  6. Put the cap into the base's compartment hole for safe keeping.

  7. If you want to place the console vertically, attach the base with the hooks sliding in below the power port on the back of the console. Rotate the stand back to its original position then insert the screw and secure it tight with a coin or screwdriver. 

  8. If you want to place the console horizontally, rotate the base until the raised plastic part is slightly to the right of the hook, then align it with the PlayStation symbols on the body of the console until it feels like it's clipped in.

  9. Your stand should now be safely attached to your console.

How to Connect Your PlayStation 5 to Your TV or Monitor

Ready to turn on your PS5? Not quite. Here's how to connect it to your TV or monitor.

  1. Connect the included power cord to your console, and then plug it into a power outlet.

  2. Connect the HDMI cable that came with your Sony PlayStation 5 to the console.

  3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to an HDMI port on your TV.


    Use an HDMI 2.1 port if you plan on playing in 4K HDR on your console.

  4. Connect an Ethernet cable between your modem/router and your PlayStation 5.


    There's no need to do this if you plan on using Wi-Fi.

  5. Press the Power button on the front of your PlayStation 5 to turn the console on.

How to Set Up Your PS5 Console

Now your PlayStation 5 console is switched on and plugged in, here are the steps to follow to get set up.

  1. Connect your PS5 controller to the console via the USB cable supplied with the system.

  2. Tap the PS button on the middle of your PS5 controller.

  3. Choose your language and press X

  4. Select your network or choose to connect via Wi-Fi.


    You can also skip this step if you want to connect to the network at a later date.

  5. If using Wi-Fi, select your network and enter the password.


    Mis-entered your password? Select the network from the list then click Advanced Settings > Password to enter the correct password.

  6. Adjust the display with the D-Pad keys on the controller then tap X when you're happy with it.

  7. Adjust the HDR settings in the same fashion.


    This will occur three times in a slightly different manner. Don't worry. This is normal!

  8. Choose to insert a game disc so it can install while you're completing the setup steps.


    This is optional but very useful if you want to be able to play a game quickly after setup.

  9. Select your power options. The console defaults on Low Power Use but we recommend Optimized Experience as it updates your games while you're away from the console, as well as allows you to play remotely.

  10. Agree to the License Agreement by tapping X on Confirm.

  11. Tap X to update the system software if you're connected to the internet then follow on-screen instructions. 

  12. Once the console has updated, enter your PSN ID details to sign in to your PlayStation account.


    You can create one here if you don't already have an existing account.

  13. Choose your PSN Privacy Settings.


    Social and open is the most open-ended option with friend focused being the most balanced choice.

  14. Choose to share anonymous data with Sony if you wish. 

  15. Choose to download some media apps to get you started. The console suggests popular choices such as Netflix and Disney+ but it's entirely optional.

  16. Tap Continue if you want to transfer data from a PS4 located on your local network or choose Do This Later.


    You can choose to transfer all your PS4 content or you can simply transfer save files and account details. The latter is much quicker to do.

  17. Wait for the PS5 to restart.

Tips for a Successful Playstation 5 Setup

PS5 setup is pretty simple, but there are some issues that can crop up as well as things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. Here are some tips on how to speed up the process:

  • Perform the initial setup ahead of time if you're giving the Sony PlayStation 5 as a gift. If you're saving the PlayStation 5 as a gift for the holidays or as a birthday present, set it up ahead of time so that the receiver can use the console immediately instead of waiting for system updates.
  • Find the right home for it. The Sony PlayStation 5 is a big console. Find the right home for it before you set it up, and ensure there's plenty of ventilation and no risk of it overheating.
  • Use a 4K TV if possible. The PlayStation 5 is capable of full UHD 4K graphical output. It'll work on non-4K TVs but to get the most out of it, you need a 4K TV.
  • Should my PS5 be vertical or horizontal?

    It's up to you which way you want your PS5 to stand. There's no benefit one way or the other. The important thing is to make sure there's enough room for airflow on each side of the console so that it doesn't overheat.

  • How do I set up PS VR on my PS5?

    To use PlayStation VR on a PS5, you need to get a PlayStation Camera Adaptor from Sony. Use it to connect the PS4 Camera to your PS5 and set up VR.

  • How do I set up my PS5 Camera?

    To set up a PS5 Camera, plug it in and go to Settings > Accessories > Camera > Adjust HD camera to calibrate. To stream gameplay, press the Create button on the PS5 controller and select Broadcast > More > Broadcast Options > Display Camera > Go Live.

  • How do I set up a PS5 controller on my PC?

    To use a PS5 controller on your PC, plug the controller into your computer's USB port. It should be automatically detected. To put it in Bluetooth pairing mode, hold down the PS and Share buttons until the lights start flashing.

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