How to Set up Pixel Buds

Get your Google Pixel Buds up and running

What to Know

  • The Google Pixel Buds App is Android-only supported.
  • You can control the Pixel Buds by tapping and swiping on the earbuds.
  • The charging dock is also used for connecting to nearby Bluetooth devices.

This article explains how to get your new Google Pixel Buds up and running, and paired to any device.

How Do I Set up My Pixel Buds

Your Google Pixel Buds set will come with a pair of Pixel Buds, a charging/pairing case, and a charging cable. In these steps below we’ll illustrate how to get everything set up and functional for the first time.

  1. Remove the Pixel Buds from the packaging.

  2. Place Pixel Buds in the included charging case.

  3. If the LED light flashes green, the Pixel Buds are fully charged.

  4. A flashing red LED means the Pixel Buds need a charge.

  5. Make sure your Pixel Buds have charged for at least 10 minutes before the first pairing.

How Do I Pair My Pixel Buds?

There are two ways to pair your Pixel Buds. One is by using the Android Pixel App (Android Phones only), or the Bluetooth connection menu, which is how you'll connect an iOS device. We'll explain the Pixel App and the Bluetooth connection methods so you can follow along regardless of the platform you use.

  1. Download the Pixel Buds App from Google Play.

  2. Make sure the phone is unlocked and Bluetooth is on.

  3. Tap the Pixel Buds app.

  4. The Pixel Buds app will then instruct you to hold the pairing button on the Pixel Buds case for three seconds.

    Pixel Buds Connection Screen with pairing instructions highlighted
  5. Once the Pixel Buds are connected you’ll see a headphone symbol at the top of your screen.

Set up Pixel Buds on iPhone or Other iOS Products

  1. Place the Pixel Buds inside of the charging case next to the iOS device.

  2. Open the case.

  3. Press and hold the pairing button located on the back of the case. Continue to hold until the LED light is blinking continuously.

  4. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

  5. Tap Bluetooth.

  6. Under Other Devices, you'll see the Pixel Buds show up in the list. Tap on the Pixel Buds, and they will now be connected to your iPhone or iPad.

Set up Pixel Buds Using the Bluetooth Method

You can also use Bluetooth to set up your Pixel Buds. Here's what to do.

  1. Go into Settings and click Bluetooth. On a laptop, you’ll click the Bluetooth icon in the bottom left corner.

    Windows Bluetooth Screen with Bluetooth icon highlighted
  2. Click Add Bluetooth or Other Device.

    Bluetooth and other devices screen with Add Bluetooth or other devices highlighted
  3. Press and hold the pairing button on the front of the Pixel Buds case.

  4. The LED light should begin flashing.

  5. You will be asked on-screen if you want to pair the two, click Yes.

How Do I Use Google Pixel Buds?

There are several ways you can use your Pixel Buds. You can use them as traditional headphones or you can use them for translation. Google has incorporated several features into Google Assistant that you can use to translate incoming languages with your Pixel Buds.

  • To use the Pixel Buds you want to make sure there is a full charge.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on whenever you are going to use them.
  • To use the translation feature you’ll need to use Google Assistant on an Android phone.
  • You can also use Pixel Buds as a hands-free earpiece while driving.

How Do You Control Pixel Buds?

You can control music and functionality on the Pixel Buds fairly easily. There is a tap feature built into each Pixel Bud. 

  • Tap on either earbud once to Play or Pause music.
  • To skip to the next track you’ll tap twice on either earbud.
  • Swipe forward on either earbud to raise the volume.
  • Swipe backward on either earbud to lower the volume.
  • Hold the earbud for three seconds to activate Google Assistant (Android 6.0 Only).
  • How do I set up to translate with my Google Pixel Buds?

    To translate with your Google Pixel Buds, place your Pixel Buds in your ears and have your unlocked smartphone nearby. Hold down the right earbud and say, "Google, help me speak [language]." The Google Translate app will open; hand it to the person you wish to speak with, then hold down the right earbud again, speak in your language, and Google will translate your words. The other person will speak on the phone in their language, and you'll hear a translated version through the Pixel Buds.

  • Where can I buy Pixel Buds 2?

    Pixel Buds (second generation) can be found on sites such as Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay, often at a discount from their original retail price. Visit the Google Store for the latest pricing information on new Pixel Buds.

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