How to Set up Your Pidgin Account

 Learn how to set up your Pidgin account linking IM client screen names and more, so your accounts are connected.

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Access the Pidgin Account Manager

Setting up your Pidgin account linking your current IM client screen names is easy and requires just a few easy steps. To begin setting up your Pidgin account, go to the “Accounts” tab on the Pidgin IM contacts list, then select “Manage Accounts.”

Shortcut: Click CTRL + A on your keyboard to access the Pidgin account manager.

When the Pidgin Account Manager loads, click “Add” to continue.

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Adding IM Screennames to Your Pidgin Account add new account

To add an IM screen name to your Pidgin account, select the specific IM client from the protocol drop-down menu, then fill out the username and password.

Click “Add” to continue.

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Your Pidgin Account Is Now Set buddy list

As you add IM clients to your Pidgin account, contacts from each IM account will now appear on your Pidgin contact list. Continue adding IM screen names to your Pidgin account until you are satisfied and your contact list is complete.

Your Pidgin account is now set.