How to Set Up Your Pidgin Account

Connect your IM client screen names to chat with all your friends

Pidgin app on a Dell laptop screen

Pidgin is a free chat client that allows users to communicate with all of their contacts from different networks in one place. Learn how to set up your Pidgin account and connect your IM client screen names.

Instructions in this article apply to desktop and laptop computers running Windows, Linux, and other UNIX operating systems.

How to Get Pidgin

Download Pidgin from the official website and install it on your device to get started. When you first open Pidgin, tap Add to start connecting your IM accounts.

Add button in

How to Add IM Screen Names to Your Pidgin Account

To add an IM screen name to your Pidgin account, select the specific IM client from the protocol drop-down menu, then fill out the username and password. Select Add to confirm.

IM Service options in Pidgin

How to Access the Pidgin Account Manager

Go to the Accounts tab on the Pidgin IM contacts list, then select Manage Accounts. From here, you can add or remove chat accounts.

Manage Accounts menu item in Pidgin

Alternatively, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard while Pidgin is open to access the account manager.

As you add IM clients to your Pidgin account, contacts from each IM account will appear on your Pidgin contact list. Continue adding IM screen names to your Pidgin account until you are satisfied and your contact list is complete.