How to Set Up Outgoing AOL Email in Any Email Program

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If you access your AOL email account with your favorite email client using IMAP and want to send email too, you should set up outgoing mail through AOL as well.

But even if you have another email server to send your mail through, sending through AOL's servers has the benefit that emails you send show up in the Sent Mail folder in your AOL account.

Set Up Outgoing (SMTP) AOL Email in Any Email Program

To set up your email program to send mail through AOL:

  • Set the outgoing (SMTP) mail server to
  • Make sure SMTP authentication is enabled for this server.
  • Enter your screen name as the username and
  • your AOL screen names password as the password.
  • Make sure the SMTP server port is set to 587.
    • If you run into problems sending mail, you can try port 465 instead.