How to Set up Outgoing Aim Mail (SMTP) in Any Email Client

Send and Unsend

AIM Mail

AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger which is AOL's instant messaging service. Once you have experienced the seamless and functional access of an AIM Mail account in your email client via IMAP, I'm sure you want to be able to send mail, too. Fortunately, this is easy via AIM Mail's SMTP server.

If you send mail through AIM Mail, copies of your outgoing messages will be placed in the Sent folder automatically.

Set up Outgoing Aim Mail (SMTP) in Any Email Client

To set up sending AIM Mail via SMTP in any email client:

  • Set the outgoing (SMTP) server to  
  • Make sure authentication is enabled for outgoing mail.
  • Use your AIM nickname as the user name.
  • Type your AIM Mail password as the outgoing mail password.
  • No to SSL security.
  • Set the outgoing (SMTP) mail server port to 25 (try 587 if you're having trouble).

Unsend AIM Mail

If you sent something you'd rather not have sent, you can try taking it back using AIM Mail web access.