How to Set Up OR Filters in Yahoo Mail

Filter messages that meet one of multiple criteria in Yahoo Mail

By default, filters in Yahoo Mail are AND filters, which means that they combine all specified criteria when filtering incoming messages. If you prefer to send messages that meet just one of several criteria to a specified folder, set up OR filters in Yahoo Mail using a workaround.

Instructions in this article apply to the standard web version of Yahoo Mail. It is also possible to edit filters in the Yahoo Mail app for Android via the Settings menu.

Yahoo Mail AND Filters vs. OR Filters

In Yahoo Mail, it's possible to set up filters that route incoming mail to designated folders. While you can set up a single filter for messages that are from a certain sender AND have a specific subject, you can't make a filter for messages that are from a certain sender OR have a specific subject.

To create OR filters, combe two regular filters. For example, set up a filter for a certain sender, make another filter for a specific subject, then instruct both filters to move messages to the same folder. That way, messages with the specified sender or subject (or both) show up in the target folder automatically.

How to Create an OR Mail Rule Using Two Filters

To make an OR filter in Yahoo Mail using the workaround:

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top of the Yahoo Mail window.

    Gear icon in Yahoo Mail
  2. Select More Settings.

    More Settings button in Yahoo Mail
  3. Select Filters.

    Filter in Yahoo Mail settings
  4. Select Add new filters.

    Add new filters button in Yahoo Mail
  5. In the Set rules section, select the drop-down menus to specify the first criterion for the filter.

    Set rules section in Yahoo Mail
  6. In the Choose a folder to move to section, select the folder you want to move the message to whenever the filter is applied.

    Choose a folder to move to section in Yahoo filters
  7. Select Save.

    Save button in Yahoo Mail filters
  8. Repeat the steps above to make a second filter using the second criterion. Direct the second filter to the same folder as the first filter, then save it.

Add single-criterion filters for as many OR conditions as you need.

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