Set Up Network Connections in Windows XP

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Open the Network Connections Menu

Windows XP Network Connections menu
Windows XP Network Connections menu.

Windows XP provides a wizard for network connection setup. This breaks down a task into individual steps and guides you through them one at a time.

The Windows XP New Connection Wizard supports two basic types of internet connections: broadband and dial-up. It also supports several types of private connections including virtual private networking (VPN).

The easiest way to access the network connection setup wizard in Windows XP is to open the Start menu and choose Connect To, and then Show all connections.

Note: You can get to the same screen through the Network Connections icon in Control Panel. See how to open Control Panel if you're not sure what you're doing.

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Create a New Connection

Create a New Connection (Network Task menu)
Create a New Connection (Network Task menu).

With the Network Connections window now open, use the section to the left under the Network Tasks menu, to open the New Connection Wizard screen through the Create a new connection option.

The right-hand side shows icons for any pre-existing connections, where you can enable or disable network connections.

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Start the New Connection Wizard

WinXP New Connection Wizard - Start
WinXP New Connection Wizard - Start.

The Windows XP New Connection Wizard supports setting up the following types of network connections:

Click Next to get started.

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Choose a Network Connection Type

WinXP New Connection Wizard - Network Connection Type
WinXP New Connection Wizard - Network Connection Type.

The Network Connection Type screen gives four options for the internet and private network setup:

  • Connect to the Internet: The Connect to the Internet option supports several types of connection types. Click it to choose from a list of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), use a setup CD-ROM provided by the ISP or to set up the connection manually.
  • Connect to the network at my workplace: This option supports client-side setup of both dial-up remote access and VPN service providers. See how to create a new VPN connection if you need help.
  • Set up a home or small office network: Use this one to connect to an existing small office or home office network, or to make a new one. This lets you set up Windows Firewall and share things like the internet connection, files, folders, and printers.
  • Set up an advanced connection: This supports serial, parallel and infrared port networking setups. This option also lets you enable certain types of incoming network connections.

Select an option and click Next to continue.

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