Set Up Groups for Mailing in AIM Mail and AOL Mail

It's easy to set up groups for sending in AIM Mail
Plone Conference 2009 Group Photo. © Christian Scholz; CC BY 2.0 license

If you set up groups in AIM Mail, you can easily address more than one person.

For the Recipients That Always Go Together

Atoms and hadrons and fermions come in groups. This is good. Manipulating them one by one to, say, wash the dishes, could be rather inconvenient (as if figuring out how to act on them was easy).

Your friends and colleagues and acquaintances tend to come in groups, too. This, too, is good. AIM Mail and AOL Mail have the tools to interact with them swiftly, and figuring out how to do it is easy.

AIM Mail Groups Let You Address Easily

You can set up groups in the AIM Mail address book, for example, so you do not have to select recipients every time. Instead, you can address the entire group in one go.

Set Up Groups for Mailing Multiple Recipients Fast in AIM Mail and AOL Mail

To create an address book group for addressing multiple recipients fast in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

  1. Go to Contacts in AIM Mail.
  2. Select NEW LIST in the toolbar.
  3. Enter a meaningful name for your group over List Name (under New List).
    • You could call a list you use for sharing recipes "recipe friends", for example.
  4. Enter the desired list members over Add Contacts..
    • You can use full email addresses (such as "") and, for AOL and AIM users, screen names (such as "youyou5").
    • Separate members using commas (", youyou5,", for example).
    • Click the silhouette icon to choose from your AIM Mail contacts or pick them from the auto-complete list.
  5. Click Add List.

Send a Message to All Group Members

To send an email to all your group's members fast while keeping their addresses private, it is best to use Bcc: and "undisclosed recipients".

Add or Remove Members

To edit an existing AIM Mail or AOL Mail address book group:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Position the mouse cursor over the group you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit in the NAME column.
  • To add new members:
    1. Type the email addresses or screen names (separated by comma) you want to add under Add Contacts.
    2. Click Add.
  • To remove an existing member:
    1. Position the mouse cursor over the member you want to remove from the group.
    2. Click the x (appearing next to the email address or scree name).