How to Set up Microsoft Edge History and Tab Sync

See open tabs and shared history across all devices.

What to Know

  • Desktop: Click the three-dot menu > Settings,> Profiles > Sync > Turn on sync > toggle on History and Open tabs > Confirm.
  • Mobile: Tap your profile image > Account settings > Sync > toggle it on > toggle on History and Open tabs.
  • To see all open tabs, select History > Tabs from other devices on a desktop or History > Recent Tabs on mobile.

This article outlines how to sync open tabs and browsing history between your devices on Microsoft Edge.

Set Up Edge History and Tab Sync on a Desktop

This feature works on Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. If you don't see the options in the menu items described below, make sure to upgrade your desktop and mobile browsers and try again.

The process to enable syncing works the same on both Windows 10 and macOS since you'll need to adjust the settings using the Microsoft Edge browser application.

  1. To get started, select the three-dot icon to the right of your profile image at the upper right of the Microsoft Edge browser window. Select Settings from this menu.

    Settings option in the main menu of Microsoft Edge.
  2. In the Settings window, select Profiles from the left menu, then select the right arrow to the right of Sync.

    Sync settings highlighted in Microsoft Edge.
  3. If you've never used syncing from this browser, you'll see that the status is "Not syncing." Select Turn on sync on the right to enable browser syncing across devices.

    The button to enable sync in Microsoft Edge.
  4. You'll see a new menu appear on this screen. Make sure to enable the toggle switches for History and Open tabs to On. Select Confirm at the top of the list when you're done.

    Buttons and slider to enable history and tab syncing.
  5. Once syncing is enabled, you'll see the "Sync is on" status in green under your Microsoft Edge profile email.

    The syncing is enabled note in Microsoft Edge.
  6. You can return here and select Turn off sync at any time to disable History and Open tabs syncing on this browser.

Set Up History and Tab Sync on Android or iOS

Before you can enable syncing on your mobile Microsoft Edge browser, you'll need to make sure you've installed it on your mobile device. You can download and install it for Android devices from the the Play Store or iOS devices from the Apple Store. Once you install and launch it on your mobile device, make sure you've signed in to your Microsoft account.

  1. The easiest method to enable history and tab sync with your mobile device is to select Turn on sync when you first launch the app after installing it.

  2. If you didn't turn on syncing, or you want to verify that history and tab syncing is on, select your profile image at the upper left corner of the main browser window—select Account settings at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

    Turning on sync in Microsoft Edge on Android.
  3. On the account settings page, you'll see whether syncing is enabled. If it isn't enabled, the Sync status in the Sync settings section will display as Off. To enable syncing, select Sync.

  4. Switch the toggle next to Sync to On to enable Microsoft Edge syncing. Then, review the individual settings and make sure both Open tabs and History syncing are enabled.

    Finishing the sync set up in Microsoft Edge on Android.
  5. Now that both your desktop browser and mobile browser have syncing enabled, you can switch back and forth and see the same history and open tabs on both browsers.

How to Use Microsoft Edge History and Tab Sync

Now that you've enabled syncing across devices, you might be wondering how to use it. Seeing open tabs on other devices inside your Microsoft Edge browser is simple.

  1. To see any tabs you have open on other mobile or desktop browsers using the Edge desktop browser, select the three dots at the upper right corner to see the browser menu. Select History from this menu.

    The History menu item in the main menu of Microsoft Edge.
  2. At the top of the History dropdown, select the Tabs from other devices tab. You can expand any synced device and see all open Edge browser tabs there. Select any of these open tabs to open the tab on your desktop browser.

    Showing open tabs in Edge browser.
  3. On your mobile Edge browser, select the boxed number at the bottom of the window to see all open tabs. At the top of the window, select Recent Tabs.

  4. Here, you can expand synced devices and see all open tabs in the Edge browser on that device. Select any of these tabs to open the same tab on your device.

    Seeing open tabs on other devices in Microsoft Edge on Android.
  5. If you view your browser history on any synced device, you'll see your browsing history from all devices provided in the same list.

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