How to Set Up a Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch app makes setup easy for any Android user

What to Know

  • Install the Google Pixel Watch app on your phone, and make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.
  • With your watch nearby, open the Pixel Watch app and select Continue on the setup screen.
  • Tap your watch from the list, select Pair to connect to it, and then follow the on-screen directions.

This article describes how to set up a Google Pixel Watch with an Android phone.

Pixel Watch Setup Directions

The Google Pixel Watch app provides all the directions you need to set up your watch. Here's how it works:

  1. Before dealing with the watch at all, start by making sure you have the following:

    • The Pixel Watch app and the Fitbit app installed on your phone
    • A decently charged watch and phone (fully charged is best, but at least 50 percent should be good enough)
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Do this through Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth > Use Bluetooth toggle.

  3. If the watch is currently off, press and hold the crown (the movable wheel on the side) for a few seconds until it powers on.

    The crown of a Google Pixel watch
  4. Scroll through the languages on the watch, and select your preferred one.

  5. Open the Google Pixel Watch app from your phone, and bring your watch nearby.

  6. Select Continue on the Set up your new watch screen in the app.

  7. Scroll through the terms and conditions, and if you agree to them, select I agree.

  8. Tap your Pixel Watch from the list, and select Continue on your phone if you see that prompt.

    set up your new watch setup screens for google pixel watch
  9. Wait until you see the Bluetooth pairing code. Make sure it's the same code as the one on your watch, and then tap Pair or Confirm, depending on the screen you see.

  10. Tap your Google account to log in, or press Next if it's already selected.

    Google Pixel Watch setup screens for pairing with Android phone
  11. Accept the legal terms by tapping I accept.

  12. Press Next on the welcome screen, and again on the screen telling you to put the watch on. Then, attach Pixel Watch to your wrist.

    Pixel Watch setup terms and welcome screen
  13. Choose which wrist you put the watch on, and where the crown is located. Press Next.

  14. Tap Next to learn how to switch bands, or choose Not now.

  15. On the Fitbit screen, tap Install if you don't yet have the app, or select Do it later. If it's already installed, choose Next.

    Google Pixel Watch setup orientation and fitbit screens
  16. Tap Set up to configure Google Assistant.

  17. Read the instructions on the Hey Google screen, and tap I agree at the bottom.

  18. Finally, on the Voice Match screen, tap I agree.

    Google Pixel Watch assistant and voice match setup
  19. Tap Next on the Your Assistant is set up screen.

  20. Tap Continue on the You're almost done! screen.

  21. Choose PIN or Pattern if you want to secure your watch, and then follow those steps on the screen. If you set this up, this will be required if your watch isn't on your wrist, or when you put it back on your wrist.

  22. Tap Next on the Google Wallet screen to add a card if you want to be able to pay with Google Pay. Or, choose Skip.

    Pixel Watch setup screens for a PIN and Google Wallet
  23. Pick some apps to install on your watch if you want to do that now. Otherwise, select Done on the Setup complete! screen.

Other Things to Set Up On Your Pixel Watch

There are several other setup procedures you can walk through to really get your watch customized to you. These steps includes changing the watch face, downloading apps, showing or hiding tiles, and connecting to Fitbit.

Watch Face

To pick a different watch face, tap Watch faces in the companion app, pick one from the list (or choose Add new to browse the gallery), and then tap Use on watch. To do this from the watch itself, press-and-hold the existing watch face, scroll to the right to see all the options, and then tap the one you want.

Google Pixel Watch watch faces


You can download apps that work on Pixel Watch by choosing Play Store in the Google Pixel Watch app. Another way to see compatible apps is to browse Watch apps on Google Play from a desktop browser.

Google Pixel Watch apps on Play Store


Pixel Watch tiles are the screens you see when you scroll left and right. Options include the next calendar event, the next alarm, a timer, your daily heart rate, sleep details, Keep notes, Google Maps, the forecast, and a few others.

You can hide the tiles you don't care to use, and add others that you want access to. This can be done from the watch or through the app.

Tap Tiles on the app's main screen to manage your tiles:

  • The trash icon removes that tile from your watch
  • Add tile lets you pick a tile to add to your watch
  • The two lines next to a tile lets you drag it up or down to arrange where it appears on your watch (the first tile is accessed by swiping to the right on the watch, so the last tile in the list is what you see when swiping left)
Google Pixel Watch tiles

To edit tiles from the watch, press-and-hold one of them to see your options.


Pixel Watch is tied in with Fitbit, so you can track things like stress management, sleep, resting heart rate, steps, and more through the Fitbit app.

To get your watch synced with Fitbit, press the crown, and then go to Fitbit Today > Log In. Use your phone to complete the Fitbit setup by making an account or logging in. To force a sync, return to Fitbit Today on your watch, and scroll down to Sync.

How to Update a Google Pixel Watch

There might be a software update available during setup, in which case you should agree to it to make sure Pixel Watch is fully up-to-date. However, if you don't see this screen or if you want to manually check for an update, doing so is accomplished through the watch itself.

Swipe down on the watch, and choose Settings, and then go to System > System updates. Use the update option to install the latest software update. If no update is available, the screen will show the message Your watch is up to date.

Google Pixel Watch software update check

How to Know if Your Phone Is Connected to Pixel Watch

Aside from the fact that you won't get phone alerts on your watch if the two are not paired, there are a few ways to check if Pixel Watch is paired with your phone:

  • The Pixel Watch app will say Connected on the main screen
  • A phone icon will be lit up at the bottom of the swipe-down menu on Pixel Watch
  • Your phone's list of connected Bluetooth devices will include your watch

Does My Phone Work With Pixel Watch?

Pixel Watch has a strict requirement in that it works only with Android phones that are running Android 8.0 or a newer version. This version of Android was released in 2017, so if you have a phone built since then, there's a good chance it'll work with Pixel Watch.

If you're not sure, see our How to Update Your Android OS guide to learn how to check which version you have and how to get the latest version of Android, if possible.

Your phone also must have internet connectivity. This can be Wi-Fi or cellular data.

  • When does the Pixel Watch come out?

    The Google Pixel Watch was released on October 13th, 2022.

  • How much does the Pixel Watch cost?

    The cost of the Google Pixel Watch varies depending on the version you get: $399.99 for the model with LTE, and $349.99 for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi (without LTE).

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