How to Set Up Guest Mode on Google Home

Use Guest Mode on Google Home and share content, not Wi-Fi passwords

What to Know

  • To set up Guest Mode as a host, open the Google Home app, tap Settings (gear icon), and then tap and toggle on Guest Mode.
  • Your guest will open a Chromecast-enabled app and tap Cast > Nearby Device. They'll follow the prompts to connect to your speaker.
  • If the guest can't connect, they may need a PIN. Open the Google Home app, tap Discover, and find the PIN below the device name.

This article explains how to use Guest Mode on Google Home so visitors can cast their content to your Google Home device without your Wi-Fi password.

How to Set up Guest Mode on Google Home as a Host

A host sets up Guest Mode, which a guest can join using audio tones or a PIN code provided by the host. As the host, your phone or tablet needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home to set up or manage Guest Mode settings.

Here's how to set up Guest Mode as a host.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.

  2. Tap the device (Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google Home Max) and select the Gear icon to open that device's Settings.

    Google Home app showing a Google Home Device.
  3. Tap Guest Mode.

    Google Home showing the location of the Guest Mode function.
  4. Toggle Guest Mode to On.

    The Google Home apps showing how to toggle on Guest Mode PIN.

When you no longer want Guest Mode enabled, toggle the setting to Off.

Now that you're ready to be the host, here's how a guest connects.

Connecting as a Guest to a Google Home via Audio Tones

A guest can connect using Guest Mode without connecting to the host's Wi-Fi network. However, that guest must be connected to a network of some kind. It can be a guest network at the host's home or a mobile data connection.

Here's what your guest needs to do:

  1. Open any Chromecast-enabled app and tap Cast.

    Apps that allow Chromecast include Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many TV streaming service apps.

  2. Select Nearby Device. You receive a series of prompts to connect to your friend's speaker. This includes the speaker sending out inaudible tones to your device to connect the two and begin streaming content.

  3. Ask your host to provide you with a PIN code to authorize you to connect if connecting with the audio tones is unsuccessful.

How the Host Finds a PIN for Friends to Join Guest Mode on Google Home

When a friend isn't able to connect automatically through audio pairing, the host can give them a PIN code they enter manually. There are two ways for a host to locate the PIN:

  • Look at the device card for the PIN. To locate the card, open the Google Home app, tap the Discover tab, and look at the card for the device you need a PIN for. The PIN is located below the device name on the card.
  • Use the Google Home app. Open the app and tap the device you need the PIN for. Then, tap Settings for that device. Tap Guest Mode, and you should see the PIN below the On/Off toggle.

Your friend can now enter that PIN and connect to Guest Mode for your Google Home.

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