How to Set up Google Family Bell on Android

Create event notifications for the whole family

What to Know

  • Access Google Family Bell by saying, “Hey Google, open Assistant.” Then tap the inbox icon > your user icon > Family Bell
  • Make a new bell: Tap Add a bell, type a name for the bell, set a time and days for the bell, and tap Create new bell
  • To delete a bell, locate the card for that bell, tap the v symbol on the card, followed by the trash can.

This article explains how to set up Google Family Bell on your Android device.

How Do I Access Google Family Bell?

Google Family Bell is available through the Google Assistant settings menu on your Android device.

  1. Open Google Assistant and tap your user icon.

    You can also say, "Hey Google, open Assistant settings."

  2. Scroll down.

  3. Tap Family Bell.

    Google Assistant with profile icon, scroll down, and Family Bell highlighted
  4. Family Bell settings will open on your phone.

  5. To create a new bell, tap Add a bell.

    If you scroll down, you can also tap some premade bells for events like bedtime, movie night, and chores like cleaning that you may find helpful.

  6. Tap Bell announcement, and type a name for your bell.

  7. Tap Time, select a time for your bell, and tap Set.

  8. Select each day you want your bell to repeat.

  9. Tap Plays on.

    Family Bell settings with Add a bell, name of bell, time settings, and Plays On highlighted
  10. Tap each device you want to receive an alert for this bell.

  11. Tap Confirm.

  12. Tap Create new bell.

    Family Bell settings with devices, Confirm, and Create new bell highlighted

What Can You Do With a Family Bell?

Family Bell allows you to create repeating alerts to help you and your family members remember various tasks and events. You can create a Family Bell for any event you like, set any time for the announcement to occur, and have it repeat on the specific days of the week that you want. You can also set a Family Bell to broadcast to one specific Google Home device, several devices, your Android phones, or any combination you require.

Once you’ve created a Family Bell, you can delete or alter it whenever you want. You can remove bells altogether, change the date and time, and change which devices receive an alert. Bells can also be paused one at a time or all at once. For example, if you’re going on vacation and won’t need your bells for a week, you can disable them temporarily and have them automatically start up again when you get home.

How Do I Delete a Family Bell?

You can edit or delete a bell at any time by returning to the same menu used to create new bells. Your current bells are listed below the Add a bell button, which provides easy access to alter or remove them.

Here’s how to delete a family bell:

  1. Navigate to Assistant > Assistant Settings > Family Bell.

  2. Locate the card corresponding to the bell you want to delete and tap the v symbol.

  3. Tap the trash can.

    Family Bell settings with V symbol, trash can, and no bells setup highlighted

    You can also tap plays on devices to change which devices receive the associated bell alert or the Enable toggle if you want to disable the bell for a while without deleting it.

How Do I Broadcast to a Specific Google Home?

You can set a bell to broadcast to a specific Google Home speaker, your Android phones, all of your connected devices, or any specific combination you like. For example, if you have a bell to remind a child that it's time to study or do chores, you can set that bell to only broadcast to that child's Home Mini. Or, if you have a bell to remind the whole family to gather for dinner, you can have it broadcast to all of your Google Home devices and Android phones.

You can only broadcast to devices that are connected to your Google Home account.

Here’s how to broadcast a family bell to a specific Google Home device:

  1. Navigate to Assistant > Assistant Settings > Family Bell.

  2. Locate the card that corresponds to the bell you want to modify, and tap the v symbol.

  3. Tap Plays on.

    Family Bell settings with V symbol and Plays On highlighted
  4. Tap the device or devices you want to broadcast to.

  5. Tap Save.

    Family Bell settings with Office Speaker and Save highlighted

How Do I Delete a Family Bell Account?

You don’t need to create an account of any kind to use Family Bell, so there is no account to delete. Family Bell uses the same Google account that you used to set up your phone for email, YouTube, and other Google services.

If you decide that you no longer want to use Family Bell, you can delete or disable each of your bells using the method described above. You can also pause all of your bells at once, which is helpful if you won’t need them for a while.

If you don’t want to use Family Bell anymore, consider deleting each bell. The following procedure will temporarily disable your bells, so they will eventually turn back on.

Here’s how to disable your Family Bells:

  1. Navigate to Assistant > Assistant Settings > Family Bell.

  2. Locate the ribbon that says Pause bells while you’re on a break.

  3. Tap Get started.

  4. Tap the start date field.

  5. Select a date, and tap SET.

    Family Bell settings with Get Started, Start Date, calendar date, and Set highlighted
  6. Tap the end date field.

  7. Select a date, and tap SET.

  8. Tap Select all to pause all of your bells, or tap each bell you want to disable.

  9. Tap Save.

    Family Bell settings with end date, Set, Select All, and Save highlighted

How Do I Get to My Assistant Settings?

Google Assistant settings are in the Assistant app, which you can open with a voice command or by pressing the home button on your phone.

Here’s how to get to Google Assistant settings:

  1. Touch and hold the home button on your phone, or say, “Hey Google, open Assistant.”

  2. Tap the inbox icon.

  3. Tap your user icon.

    The home button (white rounded rectangle) highlighted in Android 12, along with the inbox icon and profile picture
  4. Scroll down to view Assistant settings.

    Popular Google Assistant settings, scroll down for more.

    Common settings are listed first, but you can view all settings if you continue to scroll.

  • How do I turn off Google Assistant?

    To turn off Google Assistant on an Android, open your phone's Settings and select Google > Account Services > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant. Select the Assistant tab, then scroll down to Assistant devices and tap Phone. Tap the Google Assistant slider to toggle off the feature.

  • How do I turn on Google Assistant?

    The Google Assistant app is available for Android devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. First, ensure your operating system is updated, and then go to the Google Play Store to download the app. To launch Google Assistant for the first time, long-press the Home button or say, "Hey, Google," or "OK, Google."

  • Why is Google Assistant not working?

    If Google Assistant isn't working, there may be a connection issue, a compatibility problem, or the Google Assistant may have been disabled. To fix Google Assistant not working, ensure your device is compatible with Google Assistant, then check your Wi-Fi or internet connection and language settings. You should also ensure Voice & Audio Activity is working. If all else fails, reinstall Google Assistant.

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