How to Set up Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar

Want to take your Outlook calendar with you? You don't have to print it out.

You can take it along electronically, and not only on your mobile phone but also in any browser that lets you access Google Calendar.

Fortunately, Google Calendar Sync can make any changes you make in Outlook appear in your Google Calendar — and vice versa. Unfortunately, it only works with your default calendars in both Google Calendar and Outlook.

Set up Outlook Google Calendar Sync

To sync your primary Google Calendar calendar with Outlook:

  • Download and install Google Apps Sync.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Google Apps Calendar account under Email address:.
  • Make sure Remember me is checked.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Continue again.
  • Type the email address you use with your Google Apps account again under Username.
  • Enter your Google Apps password under Password.
  • Click Sign in.
  • Now click Accept under Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click Create profile.
  • Click Start Microsoft Outlook.
  • Optionally, change the name for the Google Apps Sync profile in Outlook under Profile Name:.
  • Click OK.