How to Set up a Filter in Yahoo! Mail

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Yahoo! Mail can file emails automatically in folders very similar to these. StockUnlimited

Yahoo! Mail can incoming emails automatically for you based on several criteria.

Do You Receive Much Email at Yahoo! Mail

I get a lot of mail, and if all of it ends up in my Yahoo! Mail Inbox—unsorted—it quickly gets overwhelming. Consequently, I avoid touching any of it (only to return to even more mail hours later...).

That's why I'm a big fan of filters that sort all incoming messages automatically before I see them.

Set up an Incoming Email Filter in Yahoo! Mail

To create an incoming mail rule in Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Position the mouse cursor over the settings gear icon () near your Yahoo! Mail's top right corner.
    • ​You can also click the icon.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that has shown.
  3. Go to the Filters category.
  4. To create a new email filtering rule:
    1. Click Add.
    2. Give your new Yahoo! Mail filter a name under Filter Name.
      • ​If you create a rule to file a sender's messages, for example, you could enter their email address or name.
  5. ​To edit an existing filter:
    1. Make sure the rule you want to edit is highlighted in the list of existing filters.
    2. Click Edit.
  6. Specify the criteria that need to be matched for a message to trigger the filter action under If an incoming message meets all of these conditions.
    • See below for a number of example rules.
  7. Finally, choose the folder that messages should be moved to by the filter under Then move the message to this folder.
  1. Click Save.

Yahoo! Mail Filter Rule Examples

  • ​To filter messages from a certain sender, enter their email address under From and make the line read From contains typically; make sure Match case is not checked.
  • To file emails sent to one of your alternate addresses, for instance, put that address under To/CC.
  • To filter emails from a mailing list that all have "[List]" in their subject, enter "[List]" under Subject and make sure the line reads Subject contains [List].
  • To sort out emails that are marked urgent in the subject—and usually not replies to these emails—, make the Subject line read Subject begins with [Urgent], for example (provide, of course, senders in, say, your company use that marker).
  • To file emails that do not have you (qua your Yahoo! Mail address) as a direct recipient to s special folder, make the To/CC line read To/CC does not contain

Can I Set up an Incoming Email Filter in Yahoo! Mail Basic

Unfortunately, you cannot create, modify or remove filters in Yahoo! Mail Basic (similar to Yahoo! Mail Classic) directly.

Filters set up in Yahoo! Mail's full version—as above—will be effective in Yahoo! Mail Basic, however; switching to Yahoo! Mail, if but temporarily, is easy:

  1. Follow the Switch to the newest Yahoo! Mail link in Yahoo! Mail Basic.

(Updated April 2016, tested with Yahoo! Mail in a desktop browser)