How to Set Up YouTube TV Family Sharing

Share YouTube TV with up to five others

What to Know

  • Set up sharing: Select Profile image, go to Settings > Family Sharing. Read the terms of service and the requirements, select Continue.
  • Add to family group: Select Profile image, go to Settings > Family Sharing > Manage, select Invite family member.
  • Remove: Select Profile image, go to Settings > Family Sharing > Manage, choose a family member to remove, select Remove Member.

This article explains how to set up YouTube TV Family Sharing. Additional information covers how to accept an invitation and how to add or remove family members.

How to Set up YouTube TV Family Sharing

Using the service, you can access all kinds of live content for one low monthly fee. Using YouTube TV Family Sharing, you can also share your subscription with up to five other members of your household. Here's how.

Before you can begin sharing your YouTube TV subscription with others, you'll need to set up sharing in the app. Here's how to get sharing up and running.

This article assumes you have already purchased a YouTube TV subscription. If not, you can subscribe to the YouTube TV free trial, but be aware it's only good for two days before the card you placed on file is charged for the price of the subscription.

  1. Log into YouTube TV and click your Profile image in the upper right corner.

    The profile option in YouTube TV.
  2. In the menu, select Settings.

    The Settings option on YouTube TV.
  3. Another menu appears. Select Family Sharing.

    This is also where you would add premium channels to your YouTube TV subscription if you wanted to do that.

    The Family Sharing option on YouTube TV.
  4. An information box appears explaining what you are doing. Read through the information carefully, being sure to click through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy near the bottom of the dialog box, and then click Continue.

    Continue on YouTube TV to setting up Family Sharing.
  5. Another dialog box opens explaining the requirements for adding family members. Be sure to read through it and then click Continue.

    You can Skip adding family members at this point. If you do, you'll have to go back into the Family Sharing manager later to add people to share your YouTube TV subscription.

    Continue to add family members to YouTube TV Family Sharing.
  6. On the next screen, select the people you want to add as members of your Family Group. If they are not in your contacts, you can add family members by email address. When you're finished, select Send to send the invitations.

    How to send invitations to new Family Group memebers on YouTube TV.
  7. After the invitations are sent, you'll get a confirmation message. Click Go To YouTube TV to start watching your favorite movies and shows. The rest of the process will have to be handled by the people you invited to join your Family Group.

How to Accept a YouTube TV Family Member Invitation

Once the invitations to join your family group have been sent, then the recipients need to finish the process. They'll do that from the email invitation they receive.

  1. The person you invited to join your family group should open the email they received and click Accept Invitation.

    An invitation email to become part of a YouTube Family Group.
  2. They will be taken to an explanation that you invited them to join your family on Google. The recipient should click Get Started.

    YouTube is owned by Google and is therefore connected to Google, so when you create a Family Group on YouTube, some of your Google account features will automatically come along for the ride.

  3. The recipient will be asked to confirm they will be part of your family. If they agree, they should click Join Family.

    The Join Family option for YouTube Family Groups.
  4. Your family member will receive a Welcome to the Family! message. They can now see who else is part of your family group if they click View Family.

  5. Family members will also be able to see what you're sharing if they scroll down the page. From there, they can click Go next to YouTube TV Family Plan to start using YouTube TV.

    Users will also be able to access other services that are automatically shared with them once you set up Family Sharing.

    How a new Family Member can get to YouTube TV in the Family Sharing dialog.

Manage Your YouTube TV Family Group

Because family dynamics can change, you need to be able to manage your YouTube TV Family Group. You can add and remove Family Members fairly easily.

  1. Log into your YouTube TV account and then click the profile image in the upper right corner.

  2. Select Settings > Family Sharing and then click Manage.

    The Manage option in YouTube TV Family Sharing.
  3. Select the Family Member you want to remove. Then on the menu, click Remove Member.

    The Remove Member option in Family Sharing on YouTube TV.
  4. You'll be prompted to provide your account password and then confirm that you want to remove the family member. Click Remove again and the family member will be removed.

To add another family member—you can have up to five additional family members—click the Invite family member option and follow the steps you used above to invite a new family member.

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