How to Set Up Donations on Mixer

Donation done the easy way

When it comes to making money while streaming, the best way to do it is by setting up donations to your broadcast. Unlike donations on Twitch, Mixer doesn't offer a way to donate directly through their app but there are a variety of different services that will let you get the job done.

How to Set Up Donations with Mixer

When it comes to donations with Mixer you have two basic options. You can leave a link on your profile to your Paypal, Venmo or Cash App and let watchers donate to you that way. Paypal is the easiest way to go since you can set up a business account making tracking your taxes much easier in the long run, or use your personal account. Just remember that if you use a personal account, your email will be viewable by anyone who donates to you.

Remember to check the fine print as most apps will take a small percentage of your donations when you deposit them to a bank account or debit card.

Thankfully, there are a variety of third-party services which are built specifically for donations to streamers. Each of these works a little bit differently, and will need to be set up independent of your Mixer stream. Most of these applications offer more than just donation functionality too, they give you access to all sorts of different features that can enhance your stream to make it better than ever. Mac users are going to have the most issues though, as several of the third-party programs are only available for Windows 10 or Xbox One.

  • Paypal Link: You can drop a link in your bio that directs users to your Paypal account and let viewers donate that way.
  • StreamJar: A free service that lets you accept tips and gives users incentives when they donate. StreamJar does not take any cut of the tips you receive.
  • StreamLabs: A free service built specifically for Windows. It lets you accept donations through Paypal, add overlays to your stream, and is open source. StreamLabs also gives you access to chats so you can easily stay in touch with viewers while you are broadcasting.

In order to set up a third party service, you'll need to sign up and follow the instructions on the page. This means creating an account, and getting everything set up so you can start streaming again!

How to add a Paypal Link to Your Mixer Account

A finished link is shown in the About section of a Mixer profile.
  1. Open Mixer.

    The Mixer website is open with a variety of streams displayed.
  2. Select your Avatar.

    The Account image on Mixer
  3. Select Broadcast Dashboard.

    The Broadcast Dashboard option
  4. Select Customize.

    The Customize option
  5. Scroll down to Channel Description.

    The text editor for Mixer Channel Description is displayed.
  6. Select Edit.

    The channel description in Mixer is displayed.
  7. In another tab, open PayPal.

  8. Select Pay & Get Paid > PayPal Buttons.

    Pay & Get Paid > PayPal Buttons
  9. Select Donate.

    Adding a PayPal Donate button
  10. Enter the appropriate information in the next screens.

    Making a donation button in PayPal

    Paypal gives you a ton of different options for a button, but you probably won't need them. Simply fill in the pertinent information as prompted, skipping anything irrelevant. Do be sure to specify the currency in which you want your donations.

  11. The final screen will present some code to cut and paste into your website (or, in this case, your Mixer account). Select shareable URL, then Copy to clipboard.

    Shareable URL to copy and paste
  12. Go back to your Mixer tab.

  13. In the Channel Description, highlight the text you want to use as a link and select the link icon from the text editor.

    Link button in Mixer editor
  14. Paste the Paypal URL you copied from PayPal into the URL box to create your link.

    A URL is pasted to create a link inside of the Channel Description on Mixer.
  15. Select OK to save your link.

  16. Select Save.