How to Set Up and Rearrange Folder Shortcuts in iOS Mail

Don't waste time looking for your favorite folders and mailboxes

What to Know

  • In the Mailboxes menu, select Edit. Select each item you want to include in the shortcut list, then select Done.
  • To rearrange shortcut items, in Edit mode, tap and hold the three horizontal bars and drag the item to a new position in the shortcut list.

Email folders and labels help you better organize your messages so that they are easier to find. When it's time to get your email labels and folders in order, use the Mailboxes list in iOS Mail. Learn how to add a mailbox or folder to a shortcut list, as well as how to rearrange entries in the shortcut list using iOS 12 or later.

Add a Mailbox or Folder to Shortcut List in iOS Mail

Follow these steps to add a mailbox or folder to the shortcut Mailboxes list in iOS Mail:

  1. On the iPhone Home screen, tap the Mail app.

  2. Navigate to the Mailboxes menu. (Swipe from left to right until the Mailboxes list is visible.)

  3. Choose Edit.

  4. In the editing screen, tap the circles next to the mailboxes or folders you want to appear at the top of the Mailboxes list for easy access.

    Mail icon, Edit button, checkboxes on iOS
  5. Tap Done to save your selections and return to the Mailboxes screen. Each item you selected appears at the top of the Mailboxes list.

    Editing screen in iOS Mail app

To remove a mailbox or folder from the shortcut list, go to Mailboxes > Edit and unselect or uncheck the circular button next to the item. The mailbox or folder is not deleted. It is still available in the applicable account section further down the screen.

All Apple Mail folders can be added to the shortcut list. With other email providers, such as Gmail, only the primary inbox can be added as a shortcut to the top of the Mailbox list. The other folders for each email provider are located further down the screen.

Rearrange Entries in the iOS Mail Shortcut List

Follow these steps to change the order in which folders appear in the Mailboxes list:

  1. Swipe from left to the right until the Mailboxes screen appears.

  2. Choose Edit.

  3. Tap and hold the three horizontal bars to the right of the mailbox or folder you want to appear elsewhere on the list.

  4. Drag the folder to the desired position.

    Edit, move icon, Done button in iOS Mail app
  5. Release your finger and the folder.

  6. Select Done.

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