How to Set up the Amazon Echo Show

Getting started with the Amazon Echo Show

What to Know

  • Download the Alexa app.
  • Then, decide where you want to place your Echo and plug it in.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen prompts to connect to Wi-Fi, set language and time zone, etc.

The following procedures apply to the Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, and Echo Spot. You'll find information on initial setup, tips for using voice recognition and the touchscreen, and details on making video calls, playing music, watching videos, and more.

What You Need

  • PC/Mac desktop/laptop or smartphone/tablet
  • Internet service
  • Internet router with Wi-Fi capability
  • An Amazon account (preferably Prime)
Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation Design Example

Initial Setup Steps

  1. Download the Alexa App to your PC/Mac or mobile device from the Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, or Google Play. You can also download the app directly from using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

  2. Find a spot for your Echo Show 8 inches or more from any walls or windows, and plug it into an AC power outlet using the power adapter. It will turn on automatically. You should hear Alexa say, "Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup."

  3. Next, you will be prompted to:

    • Select language.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi (have your password/wireless key code).
    • Confirm time zone.
    • Log in to your Amazon account (should be the same as the account you have on your smartphone).
    • Read and accept the Echo Show terms and conditions.
  4. If a firmware update is available, the screen will display an updates ready message. Tap Install Now. Installing a firmware update may take several minutes. Wait until the screen notifies you that installation is complete.

After the updates are installed, an Introducing Echo Show video will become available to familiarize you with some of its features. After viewing the video (recommended), Alexa will say, "Your Echo Show is ready."

Using Alexa Voice Recognition and Touchscreen

To start using the Echo Show, say "Alexa" and then state a command or ask a question. Once Alexa responds, you are ready to go. Alexa is the default Wake Word. However, you can also change your wake word:

  1. Command Alexa to Go to settings or use the touch screen to get to the Settings menu.

  2. Once there, select Device Options, and select Wake Word.

  3. Your additional Wake Word choices are Ziggy, Echo, Amazon, and Computer. If you like one, select it and then tap Save.

    There's also a masculine voice option you can opt for.

Tips for Using the Echo Show

Using your Echo Show is as easy as using your smartphone:

  1. You can change the Wake Word via the Alexa App on your mobile device or PC. Go to Settings, select the Echo Show as your device, scroll down to Wake Word, make your choice, then hit Save.

  2. Now, simply talk to the Echo Show by asking questions or giving commands. If the Echo Show recognizes your questions, it will give a verbal response, display the result, or perform the task.

  3. When speaking to the Echo Show, use natural tones, at a normal pace. Over time, Alexa will become familiar with your speech patterns.

  4. When using the touchscreen, employ the same tapping and scrolling method you use to navigate a smartphone or tablet screen.

  5. If you're not at home where your Alexa device is located, you can still control Alexa through your smartphone or tablet

Once you're comfortable with Alexa's voice and the touchscreen, take a few minutes to make a phone call, play music, watch videos and get information.

Make an Echo Show Phone Call or Send A Message

For voice-only calling or messaging, you can use the Echo Show to call or message anyone that has a compatible device (Echo, smartphone, tablet) that has the Alexa App installed.

For video calling, both parties need to have an Echo Show or one party needs to have a video-call-enabled smartphone/tablet with the Alexa app installed. To make a video call, tap the on-screen icon. If the person you want to call is on your contact list, just use your wake word, say the person's name, and the Echo Show will connect you.

Play Music With Amazon Prime

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Music, you can start playing music right away simply with commands such as "Play rock from Prime Music" or "Play top 40 hits from Prime Music."

When listening to music, the Echo Show will display Album/Artist art and song lyrics (if available). You can also verbally command the Echo Show to "raise the volume," "stop the music," "pause," "go to next song," "repeat this song," etc.

Watch Videos on YouTube Or Amazon Video

Get started watching TV shows and movies via YouTube or Amazon Video. To access YouTube, just say "Show me videos on YouTube" or, if you know what type of video you are looking for, for example, you can also say something like "Show me Dog videos on YouTube" or "Show me Taylor Swift music videos on YouTube."

Amazon and Google have a continuing dispute regarding Amazon's use of YouTube access on several of its devices, including the Echo Show. This means that Echo Show users don't have direct access to the YouTube app, but are able to access the YouTube website through Amazon Echo's built-in Firefox or Silk web browsers.

If you subscribe to Amazon Video (including any Amazon streaming channels, such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and more...), you can ask the Echo Show to "Show me my video library" or "Show me my watch list." You can also verbally search for specific movie or TV series titles (including by season), actor's name, or genre.

Video playback can be controlled by verbal commands, such as "play", "pause", "resume." You can also go back or skip ahead in time increments, or command the Echo Show to go to the next episode if watching a TV series.

Get Information and a Lot More

To find out information, you can ask Alexa to tell you the weather, the time, order an Uber, get directions, show you recipes, and use it as a calculator. You can also control other smart home devices, including lights and thermostats. All this can be done by customizing the Echo Show further via built-in setting options and enabling selections from Alexa Skills via the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet.

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