How to Set Up Alexa Intruder Alert

It's as easy as creating any other Alexa routine

What to Know

  • Set up an Alexa intruder alert as a routine in the Alexa app. 
  • Tap More > Routines > +, > set the intruder alert routine to turn on/flash lights, play music, or have Alexa issue a verbal warning.
  • The alerts may startle home invader or cause them to think someone is home. You need to contact authorities on your own.

This article explains how to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.

How Do You Set Up Alexa Intruder Alert?

An Alexa intruder alert is a routine you can set up to have Alexa activate various devices and say pre-set phrases if you suspect an intruder has entered your home.

Unlike Alexa Guard, which listens for sounds that indicate a break-in may be in progress, you need to trigger an Alexa intruder alert manually with a voice command. It works the same way as any other Alexa routine, so you can customize the alert to activate any smart home device or say any phrase you like.

Here’s an example of how to set up an intruder alert on Alexa that will turn on lights and issue a verbal warning:

  1. Open the Alexa app, and tap More.

  2. Tap Routines.

  3. Tap +.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  4. Tap Enter routine name +.

  5. Type "intruder alert," and tap Next.

  6. Tap When this happens +.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  7. Tap Voice.

  8. Enter a phrase, like “Intruder alert.”

  9. Tap Next.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  10. Tap Add action +.

  11. Tap Smart Home.

  12. Tap All devices for a list of devices, or Control group for a list of groups.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  13. Tap a group or device.

  14. Tap a device.

  15. Tap Next. Our example highlights Living Room Lights, but you'll pick what works best for you.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  16. Tap what you want the device to do, i.e. power.

  17. Tap Next.

  18. Tap Add action +.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  19. Tap Alexa Says.

  20. Tap Customized.

  21. Enter a phrase like, “Get out of my house, the police are on the way,” and tap Next.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  22. Tap Next.

  23. Tap Choose Device.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.
  24. Tap the device Alexa will issue the command from.

  25. Tap Save. Our example uses Office Echo, but you'll select what works for you.

    Steps to set up Alexa Intruder Alert.

    You don't need to stop with these basics. Tap Add action+ to add additional actions, and tap Save when you’re done.

  26. You can now say, “Alexa, intruder alert” to activate the intruder alert.

Alexa can’t actually call the police, so you can’t rely on an Alexa intruder alert to protect you during a home invasion. The alert may scare off a burglar, but it’s important to take any necessary precautions and contact the authorities on your own if you’re in danger.

What Is Alexa Guard Mode?

Alexa Guard Mode is an Alexa feature which turns your Echo devices into a basic home security system. When you activate Guard Mode, your Echo devices listen for sounds that might indicate a break-in, like broken glass. The system can then alert you it detected suspicious sounds.

In addition to alerting you, Alexa Guard Mode can also integrate with services like ADT and Ring. If it detects suspicious sounds, it can send an alert to those services. However, you still need to contact the authorities yourself if you find yourself in an emergency situation, just like you would with an Alexa intruder alert.

  • What is Super Alexa Mode?

    Super Alexa Mode isn't really a new way to use Alexa; it's just a fun Easter egg. To activate it, tell Alexa, "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start." Gamers might recognize this command as the Konami Code, which was a series of inputs on the Nintendo Entertainment Center controller that unlocked special features in some games. All Alexa will do when you "enter" it is give a series of fake "startup" commands (for example, "Starting reactors, online") and then work the same as usual.

  • How do I reset Alexa?

    You can't specifically reset Alexa, but you can return the Echo device you use to communicate with it to factory settings. Before you do that, though, you should try a reset: Unplug the device for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. If the problem remains, open the Amazon Alexa app and then navigate to Devices > Echo & Alexa, select the device to reset, and then tap Factory Reset. Depending on your device, you can also reset it directly by pushing a paper clip into the reset hole or holding the action button for 25 seconds. Instructions will differ between models and generations of Echo.

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