How to Set Up Yahoo Mail on iPhone

Access your Yahoo emails from your iPhone

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Yahoo. Log in, turn on Mail, and choose Save.
  • If Yahoo emails do not download to your iPhone, make sure the phone uses the correct Yahoo Mail server settings.
  • Alternatively, download the Yahoo Mail app for features you won't find in the Mail app for iPhone.

This article explains how to use Yahoo Mail on your iPhone. The instructions apply to iOS 10 and later.

How to Get Yahoo Mail on Your iPhone

Use the settings on your phone to add a Yahoo Mail email account to the Mail app.

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Go to Mail > Accounts.

    Depending on your version of iOS, you may need to select Settings > Passwords & Accounts or Settings > Mail > Contacts > Calendars.

  3. Choose Add Account > Yahoo.

    Add Yahoo Mail iOS
  4. Enter your Yahoo email address, then choose Next.

  5. Enter the password for your Yahoo email account, then choose Sign in.

    If you're prompted to enter a code to verify your identity, follow the on-screen steps. Depending on how your account is configured, the code is sent to a different email address or to your phone as a text or phone call.

  6. Turn on the Mail toggle switch.

  7. Optionally, enable other items you want to sync, such as Contacts or Calendar events.

  8. Select Save. Your Yahoo email account will begin syncing with your iPhone.

    Yahoo Mail Email Server Settings

    The directions listed above don't require you to make changes to the email server settings the phone uses to access Yahoo Mail because you logged in directly from the web. However, you may need the server settings for Yahoo to set up your email account manually if the directions above don't work.

    Your phone requires SMTP settings to send mail through your Yahoo account from your phone. Enter the Yahoo Mail SMTP server settings to send emails.

    If your Yahoo emails don't download to your iPhone, make sure the phone is using the correct Yahoo Mail POP server settings. You can also use IMAP, in which case you'll use the Yahoo Mail IMAP server settings.

    Use the Yahoo Mail App

    An alternative method to viewing and sending Yahoo emails on your phone is to download the Yahoo Mail app. This is the official app from Yahoo that has features you won't find in the built-in Mail app for iPhone.

    Yahoo Mail app on iOS

    In addition to reading and replying to emails, you can use the Yahoo Mail app to:

    • Clip and save coupons.
    • View flight details and check in for flights.
    • Get notifications from people only, not newsletters or companies.
    • Use animated photos and professionally designed stationery.
    • Connect to Google Drive and Dropbox to send attachments.

    The free Yahoo Mail app is ad-supported. The Yahoo Mail Pro subscription does not contain ads.

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