Set up a Yahoo Mail Account Using the iPhone Mail App

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Although you can access a Yahoo Mail account in iPhone's Safari browser, the experience is not the same as accessing your Yahoo Mail account in iPhone's dedicated Mail app. The two work well together. All of Apple's iOS mobile devices are preconfigured to work with several popular email programs, including Yahoo Mail, so you don't have to configure all the settings to get started. You can also set up a Yahoo account in the Yahoo Mail app for iPhone, released by Yahoo in late 2017.

How to Add Yahoo Mail to the iOS 11 Mail App

To set up the iPhone to send and receive Yahoo Mail messages in iOS 11:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone home screen.

  2. Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords and tap it.

  3. Select Add Account.

  4. Tap the Yahoo logo on the screen that opens.

  5. Enter your full Yahoo email address in the field provided and tap Next.

  6. Enter your Yahoo Mail password in the field provided and tap Sign In.

  7. Confirm the indicator next to Mail is in the On position. If not, tap it to activate it. Slide the indicators next to ContactsCalendars, Reminders, or Notes to the On position if you want them to appear on your iPhone.

  8. Tap Save.

How to Add Yahoo Mail to the Mail App in iOS 10 and Earlier

To set up a Yahoo Mail account for sending and receiving emails in iPhone Mail:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone home screen.

  2. Go to Mail.

  3. Tap Accounts.

  4. Tap Add Account.

  5. Choose Yahoo.

  6. Tap your name under Name.

  7. Type your full Yahoo Mail address under Address.

  8. Enter your Yahoo Mail password under Password.

  9. Tap Next.

  10. You will see choices for accessing Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes for this Yahoo account. Slide the indicator to green for On for each that you want to access on the iPhone.

  11. Make sure Mail is On to receive email in iPhone Mail.

  12. Tap Save on the upper bar.

Now the account should appear in the Mail app Accounts list.

Mail App Options for iPhone

You can change your options for this account in the Settings > Accounts & Passwords menu in iOS 11 (Settings > Mail > Accounts in iOS 10 and earlier). Tap the arrow at the far right of the Yahoo account, and you can toggle whether or not to access Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, or Notes. This is also the screen where you can select to delete the account from your iOS Mail app.

Next, to the Account name at the top, tap the arrow on the far right to see the name and email address associated with the account. You can change the description of the account or change the outgoing SMTP server settings, although these are usually configured automatically.

You can also access the Advanced settings to set mailbox behaviors, and indicate where to move discarded messages and how often to remove the deleted messages.

If you have any problem with sending outgoing mail, check the SMTP server settings. While these should pass seamlessly from Yahoo to iPhone mail, incorrect SMTP settings could be the source of the problem.

Stopping Yahoo Mail in the iPhone Mail App

If you don't want to see more incoming messages from Yahoo Mail in your iPhone Mail app, you have a couple of options. You can go to the Accounts screen at the Settings > Accounts & Passwords menu in iOS 11 (Settings > Mail > Accounts in iOS 10 and earlier) and toggle your Yahoo Mail to Off. The account is still listed in your list of mailboxes in the Mail App with the word inactive under it.

Deleting a Yahoo Account From the Mail App

In the same screen, you can delete your Yahoo account from the Mail app. At the bottom of the screen, click Delete Account. When you tap it, you receive a notice that deleting your account will remove the calendars, reminders, and contacts from your iPhone that were imported from the Yahoo account. At this point, you can choose to delete the account from your iPhone or cancel the action.

Alternative: Yahoo Mail App for iOS Devices

If you want an option other than Apple's Mail app, download the Yahoo Mail app for iOS 10 and later. The Yahoo email app is designed to work with and organize all your email from Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and Outlook. You can sign up for an account from any of these services. A Yahoo email address is not required. With the app, in addition to reading and replying to your email, you can:

  • Clip and save coupons using the new Coupons Smart View.
  • View flight details and check in for flights.
  • Get notifications from people, not companies.
  • Use animated photos and professionally designed stationery.
  • Send multiple attachments.
  • Connect Google Drive and Dropbox.

The free Yahoo Mail app is ad-supported, but a Yahoo Mail Pro account removes the ads.