How to Set Up a Website Quickly

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Register a Domain

Domain names
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The first and the foremost step is the domain registration. Registering a domain involves two important decisions – one being selection of the domain name, and next comes the selection of domain registrar.

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Keep the domain name sweet and short; don't try domain names that are too long as they are not easy to remember (so people won't bother typing them directly), and they aren't considered good from SEO (search engine optimization) point of view too.

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Buying Web Hosting Package

Web hosting
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Buying a web hosting package isn't as simple as it sounds; you must make a well informed decision so that you don't end up picking the wrong package or far worse, the wrong hosting provider.

There are several aspects one should keep in mind while selecting a website hosting provider. Usually, a shared hosting package is a good way to start off, especially if you're planning to launch a corporate website with static pages, or a personal blog, which wouldn't require extensive hard disk storage, and bandwidth.

The pricing for shared hosting packages starts from as low as $3.5 (if you pay 2 years charges up front), and goes up to as high as $9 (if you pay on monthly basis).

A reseller hosting package is suitable for small businesses who wish to start their own web hosting company, without taking the pain of setting up required infrastructure, and spending thousands of dollars. Pricing for a reseller hosting package starts from $20/month, and goes up to even > $100.

Those who've already got a well-set website that receives lot of traffic already, or deals with music/video uploads/downloads, a virtual private server or a dedicated web server becomes a prerequisite.

However, a VPS or dedicated server is quite costly, and costs usually more than $50/month, going up to even $250-300/month.

Note: There are hundreds of review sites out there, which write biased paid reviews for certain web hosting providers trying to indicate that their services are really good, though the reality is far different from what such reviewers say.

You can try to directly get in touch with their customer support team, (or live chat), and try to find out how good their services really are; if you don't receive a reply within 12 hours, don't bother to waste your time and money buying a hosting package from such a host.

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Setting Up the Site and Taking It Live

Web development
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Once you've registered a domain, and purchased a web hosting package, you can make use of free website builder (if your host has provided you with one), or a free open source blogging package like Wordpress.


There are many commercial one-click installation programs available in the market to build e-commerce store, forums, and blog within a minutes with click of few buttons. If you make use of them, then the entire process may hardly take 30-40minutes at the most!