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Most web browsers let you change the home page to any website you choose. The home page can act as a default website that opens with your browser, but it can also function as a secondary bookmark.

For example, in Chrome, the home page means two things. You can enable the home button and then tie a specific web page to it so that it opens when you select it. You can also choose to have a specific website open when Chrome first starts, which is another way to consider a home page.

A home page isn't required, but you can set one if you find yourself revisiting the same site each time you open your browser. A home page can be anything, like a genuinely useful site or a search engine, email client, social media page, free online game, etc.

Another common web browser change you can make is choosing a different default search engine. While you can set the home page as your favorite search engine, changing the default search engine to Google or another website can make web searching even quicker.

How to Make a Home Page in Chrome

Changing the home page in Chrome is done through the settings. You can set a custom page to open when you open Chrome but there's also a dedicated home button you can enable that works just like a bookmark.

On startup options in Chrome

How to Make a Home Page in Safari

Whether you're on Windows or Mac, you can change the Safari home page from the General preferences screen. Once you've changed it, you can access its link from the History menu.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences in Windows, or Safari Preferences if you're on a Mac.

    Edit menu in Safari for Windows
  2. Select the General tab.

    Safari general settings in Windows
  3. Type a URL into the Homepage text box, or select Set to Current Page to do that.

    For example, to make Google your home page, you'd type

    Safari homepage option in Windows

    To have the home page open when you launch new windows or tabs, change New windows open with and/or New tabs open with to be Homepage.

How to Make a Home Page in Edge

Like some browsers, Edge lets you pick two ways to use the home page: as the page (or pages) that opens when Edge opens, and as a link that can be accessed with the home button.

To change the website(s) that opens when you launch Edge, open Settings:

These directions are for the Chromium-based Edge browser.

  1. Access the three-dotted menu at the upper-right corner of Edge, and choose Settings.

    Settings button in Microsoft Edge
  2. Select On startup from the left pane.

    Microsoft Edge settings screen
  3. Choose Open a specific page or pages.

  4. Select Add a new page.

    Edge on startup settings

    You could instead select Use all open tabs to convert all your open web pages to home pages.

  5. Enter the URL of the page you want as your startup home page, and then select Add.

    Edge add a new page prompt

You can repeat those last two steps to make more home pages.

Something else you can do is set the URL that's tied to the home button. The home button is located to the left of the navigation bar.

  1. Open Settings as described above, but this time open the Appearance tab from the left pane.

  2. Make sure Show home button is toggled on, and then enter a URL in the space provided.

    Edge home button URL setting

How to Make a Home Page in Firefox

Changing the Firefox home page is possible through the Home tab of the preferences. You're looking for the Homepage and new windows option, which you want to set to Custom URLs.

There are three ways to set the home page:

  • Paste or type a URL into the blank space.
  • Grab one or more websites from the Use Current Pages button. This is how you can set multiple home pages in Firefox.
  • Select a bookmark via the Use Bookmark option.
Homepage option in Firefox

How to Make a Home Page in Internet Explorer

The IE home page is accessible through the home icon at the top right of the browser window. However, there are two types of home pages in this browser, so you can also choose which pages should open when the browser launches.

There are two ways to change Internet Explorer's home page to a website of your choosing. The first is much quicker:

  1. Right-click the home button from the top right of the browser and select Add or change home page.

    Home button options in Internet Explorer
  2. Choose an option from the list:

    Add or Change Home Page prompt in Internet Explorer
    • Use this webpage as your only home page: This is a quick way to make this your home page — the current page you're on.
    • Add this webpage to your home page tabs: If you already have a home page set and you don't want to remove it, use this to add the current page to the set of home pages.
    • Use the current tab set as your home page: This will overwrite any previously set home pages, replacing them with all the tabs that are currently open.

    The third option is only available if there's more than one tab open.

  3. Select Yes when finished.

The second way to set a website as the home page in Internet Explorer is to open the General tab of Internet Options:

  1. From the menu/gear button at the top right of Internet Explorer, select Internet Options.

    Internet Explorer menu options
  2. Confirm that you're in the General tab.

  3. From the Home page section at the top, enter into the text box the URL you want to have as the IE home page. For example, to make it Google or Bing, you'd type either or

    Internet Explorer home page settings

    Another way to set a home page in Internet Explorer is with the Use current button. This will automatically add the currently opened pages as the home pages.

    This window is also how you can set which pages should open with Internet Explorer. They can be separate from the home page (choose Start with tabs from the last session) or identical to what you chose as the home page (pick Start with home page).

  4. Select OK at the bottom to set the new home page.

How to Make a Home Page in Opera

The home page in Opera opens when the browser starts (i.e., there isn't a home button like there is in some browsers). To make your favorite website the home page, access the On startup option to set the URL.

  1. From the O menu at the top left of the program, select Settings.

    Opera menu items
  2. Scroll down to the On startup section and choose Open a specific page or set of pages.

    Opera on startup settings
  3. Select Add a new page and enter the URL you want to use as the Opera home page.

    Add a new page prompt in Opera
  4. Select Add to change the home page.

    You can repeat these last two steps to add other pages as the home page so that all of them open each time Opera starts.

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