How to Set Your Home Page to Your Favorite Web Site

How to set your home page to any website you want.

When you initially open up your Web browser, the very first page that you will see is called the "home" page. The home page is your jumping-off point to the rest of the Web. You can specify absolutely any page on the Web as your browser homepage.One very easy way to organize your favorite email client, keep up with personalized news, collect favorites, etc., is to set your homepage to your favorite site every time you open a new browser window.

In this quick and easy tutorial, you'll learn how to set your homepage in three different Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. 

How To Set Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

Set your Internet Explorer browser to open to your favorite website.
  1. Click on your Internet Explorer (IE) icon; you'll find this in your Start menu, or the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop window.
  2. Type Google into IE's search box at the top of the browser window (this is just an example, you can use any website that you want).
  3. Arrive at Google search engine home page.
  4. Go to toolbar at the top of the browser, and click Tools, then Internet Options.
  5. At the top of the pop-up, you'll see a Home Page box. The address of the site that you are currently at ( is there. Click the Use Current button to specify this page as your home page.

How to Set Your Home Page in Firefox

Set your homepage in the Firefox browser.
  1. Click on the Firefox icon to start up your browser.
  2. Navigate to the site that you'd like as your Home page.
  3. At the top of your browser window, you'll see the Firefox tool bar (this includes the words "File", "Edit", etc.). Click on Tools, then Options.
  4. The popup window will open up with the default option of General. At the top of the window, you'll see Home Page Locations. If you're satisfied with the page you're currently at and would like to set it as your Home Page, click Use Current Page.

How to Set Your Home Page in Chrome

set your home page in chrome
  1. On the Google Chrome browser toolbar, click the icon that looks like a wrench.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Select Basics.
  4. Here, you have several options for your home page. You can set your home page with any website you prefer, you can add the Home button to your Chrome browser toolbar so you can access that page at any time, and you can also select if you want your home page to be the page that automatically starts up when you initially open Google Chrome.

If you have children, you can set parental controls on their activities pretty easily. 

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