How to Set Custom iPad Sounds

An iPad on a table

 Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

 Have you ever wanted to change the sound your iPad makes when you get a new email? Apple has included a number of fun alerts you can use to set a custom mail sound, including the sounds of Sherwood Forest, a Suspense alert sound, and an old-school Telegraph sound. You can even customize both the new mail sound and the sent mail sound.

How to Set Custom "New Mail" and "Sent Mail" iPad Sounds

screen capture of where to set the sounds on an iPad


  1. Go into your iPad's Settings.
  2. Scroll down the left-side menu and choose "Sounds".
  3. You can adjust the volume of alert sounds by moving the slider at the top of this screen. You can also choose whether or not the volume of alerts matches the overall volume of your iPad by turning on "Change With Buttons".
  4. Below the volume slider is a list of alerts. Choose "New Mail" or "Sent Mail" from the list.
  5. A new menu appears with a list of custom sounds. The "Alert Tones" are special sounds designed for various alerts like getting a new mail message or text message. If you choose "Classic" you will get a new list of sounds that came with the original iPad. And below the Alert Tones are all the Ringtones, which gives you quite a number of choices.
  6. Once you've selected a new sound, you are done. There's no save button, so simply exit from the Settings.

Add More Custom Sounds to the iPad

Screen capture of setting sounds on iPad


As you can see, there are many other custom sounds you can add to your iPad to personalize it. If you love to use Siri to set reminders and schedule events, you can customize the Reminder and Calendar Alerts. And if you find yourself using FaceTime on a regular basis, you may want to set a custom Ringtone. 

Here are a few other custom sounds you can set on the iPad:

Text Tone. This is the sound that plays when you send or receive a message using the iMessage service.

Facebook Post. If you have connected your iPad to Facebook, you will hear this sound when you use Siri to update your Facebook status or you share something on Facebook using the Share button.

Tweet. This is similar to the Facebook Post sound, only with Twitter. 

AirDrop. The AirDrop feature is great for sharing pictures with people in the same room as you. It uses a combination of Bluetoother and Wi-Fi to send photos (or apps or websites, etc.) to another nearby iPad or iPhone. You must have AirDrop turned on to use this feature.

Lock Sounds. No, this doesn't mean you are "locking" all of your custom sounds. This actually turns off the sound the iPad makes when you lock it or put it to sleep.

Keyboard Clicks. If you find the clicking sound the iPad makes when you tap a key on the on-screen keyboard, turn Keyboard Clicks off and your keyboard will go into silent mode.