Set (Recovery Console)

How to use the Set Command in the Windows XP recovery console

The set command is a Recovery Console command used to show or change the status of four different environment variables.

A set command is also available from the Command Prompt.

Set Command Syntax

set [variable] [= true|= false]

variable = This is the name of the environment variable.

true = This option turns on the environment variable specified in variable.

false = This option turns off the environment variable specified in variable. This is the default setting.

Set Command Variables

The following are the only allowed environment variables you can specify as the variable:

allowwildcards = Turning this variable on will allow you to use wildcards (the asterisk) with certain commands.

allowallpaths = This variable, when enabled, will allow you to change directories to any folder on any drive.

allowremovablemedia = Turning on this variable will allow you to copy files from the hard drive to any removable media that Windows recognizes.

nocopyprompt = When this variable is enabled, you will not see a message when you try to copy over another file.

Set Command Examples

set allowallpaths = true 

In the above example, the set command is used to allow navigation to any folder on any drive using the chdir command.


If the set command is entered with no variables specified, as in this example above, all four variables will be listed on-screen with their respective statuses. In this case, the display on your screen might look something like this:

AllowWildCards = FALSE
AllowAllPaths = FALSE
AllowRemovableMedia = FALSE
NoCopyPrompt = FALSE

Set Command Availability

The set command is available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.