How to Separate Multiple Email Recipients Correctly

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To send an email to multiple recipients, separate them correctly.

One Sender, Many Recipients

Email messages can be sent to more than one address easily. You can insert multiple addresses in the To: header field, or use the Cc: or Bcc: fields to add more recipients.

When you insert multiple email addresses in any of these header fields, make sure you separate them correctly.

Separate Multiple Email Recipients Correctly

The correct way to separate email addresses in header fields is

  • by comma,

like so:

To:, Ted , Ina Mako

Separate Multiple Email Recipients in Outlook (and Whenever Commas Cause Problems)

Outlook and other email programs that look for first and last names to be separated by commas may run into problems if you separate email recipients with commas, too. If commas as delimiters cause you any sending problems, try separating multiple recipients

  • by semicolon,

like so:

To:; Ted ; Mako, Ina

You can also make Outlook interpret commas as separating email addresses.

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