Send Your Kid's Holiday Wish List Directly to Santa With SantaGram

And receive a personal video response back

Send your child's Christmas wish list and a video message directly to The Big Man with SantaGram.

Add another option for getting in touch with Santa to your bag of tricks this holiday season because SantaGram has opened its digital doors. Similar to, yet different from, other methods of Santa correspondence, SantaGram lets you create and send a video message and wishlist straight to Santa himself.

A child's wishlist

SantaGram LLC

All you have to do is grab your phone and record your child (if they're okay with it, of course) giving a "Hello" to the man in red, maybe talk about how good they've been, and include a wish or two. Then set up a wishlist using SantaGram's assortment of gift guides—or by linking to external website listings—and share it with friends and family. And don't worry about accidental duplicates, as SantaNet syncs the wishlist for all recipients, including up at the North Pole.

"... Though there are a lot of wishlist apps online, SantaGram is totally unique," said Founder and CEO, Damien Dalli, in the press release "We combine the experience of letting parents and their little ones send a video message to Santa while creating a digital wishlist that can be easily shared with all the other 'Santas' in their life."

SantaGram is also planning on implementing a "Video from Santa" feature in the near future, which will let you request a personalized video message for your child. So they can send their own message along and then receive a reply (once the new feature is live).

You and your child can record a wish and send a list to Santa through SantaGram starting today. Just be aware that you'll need to sign up using an email address, Google account, or Facebook profile to start using SantaGram in any capacity. Requesting a "Video from Santa" is expected to be available sometime in early December.

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