How to Send Voice Messages on WhatsApp

Just hold down the mic button, but there can be more to it if you want

What to Know

  • Send a voice message: Hold down the microphone in a chat window and release to send the voice clip immediately.
  • Preview the message: Slide your finger up from the microphone and release > tap pause and play to listen.
  • Record hands-free by sliding your finger up from the microphone and releasing.

This article explains how to send voice messages on WhatsApp. It also looks at how to preview your voice message before sending it, and any limitations to the service.

How to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages

Sending a voice message on WhatsApp is as quick to do as typing a message. By using the feature, you can effectively leave voicemail for your friend or family member, saving them the need to read a text message. Here's how to send WhatsApp voice messages. 

  1. Open the chat window of the person you wish to send a voice message to.

  2. Press down on the microphone.

  3. Speak your voice message.

    Steps on WhatsApp app to send a voice message or choose to cancel it.

    Slide your finger to the left to cancel the recording.

  4. Release your finger to immediately send the message to the recipient.

How to Preview WhatsApp Voice Messages Before Sending Them

Thanks to an update WhatsApp allows you to preview voice messages. Here's what to do.

  1. While you're pressing down on the microphone to record the message, slide your finger up to create a larger recording bar.

  2. From there, tap pause to pause the recording.

  3. Tap the microphone to restart your recording or tap the trash can to delete the recording.

  4. To send the recording after previewing, tap the arrow.

    Steps on WhatsApp app to either pause a voice message recording or to play it back.
  5. The message will then be sent to the recipient.

How to Send a WhatsApp Voice Message Hands-Free

If you're trying to send a message but don't want to hold your finger down the whole time, here's how to enable hands-free recording.

Once you've held the microphone down to record the message, slide up towards the lock icon with your finger. Hands-free recording is now activated indefinitely until you choose to send, trash, or preview.

What Else Do I Need to Know About WhatsApp Voice Messages?

WhatsApp voice messages are very simple to send but it's useful to know a few things about the process. Here's a quick overview of what you need to know.

  • You can send voice messages on both the app and desktop clients. If you're an avid user of WhatsApp Web, you can still send and receive voice messages through your web browser, providing you have a microphone.
  • There's no limit on WhatsApp voice message lengths. You can record as long a message as you need with no known time limits. Like with voicemail, it makes sense to be brief but you don't have to be because of any set limits.
  • You can delete voice messages after they've been sent. Like with regular WhatsApp messages, you can long-press on the clip and tap Delete then Delete for everyone or Delete for only me.
  • You can save voice messages. Long-press the voice message and tap email in the Share menu to send the message as an email attachment. The file is saved in the OGG format.
  • How do I block someone on WhatsApp?

    To block someone on WhatsApp on an iPhone, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Block > Add New, and select the contact you want to block. On an Android, go to More Options > Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts > Add, and add the contact you wish to block.

  • How do I know if someone read my message on WhatsApp?

    To tell when someone reads your message on WhatsApp, check read receipts. One gray checkmark means the message was sent, two gray checkmarks mean the message was delivered, and two blue checkmarks mean the message was read. However, if the person disabled read receipts, you won't know if they've seen your message.

  • How do I schedule a message on WhatsApp?

    To schedule a WhatsApp message on your iPhone, you'll need to create an automated shortcut. Download the Shortcuts app, select Automation, choose your date and time, and select WhatsApp as your sending platform. On Android, download a WhatsApp message scheduler from the Google Play Store.

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