Sending an Email Using Stationery in Yahoo Mail

Lots of choices to make your email stand out

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Anke Schuetz / Getty Images

Why send an email with plain, boring text when you can spice it up instantly with stationery? Yahoo Mail includes many to choose from, and all are completely free for your use. Just type some text and choose a style to instantly apply a birthday, seasonal, thank-you, or other fun stationery to your message.

  1. Click Compose in the main Yahoo email screen.
  2. From the toolbar at the bottom of the message, click or tap the Add stationery button. Its icon is a box with a heart inside.
  3. From the new menu that shows just above the toolbar, select any of the styles. Use the arrows on the left and right of the menu to cycle through them, and pick a category from the left to see other stationery. You can try different stationery styles using the same message, and any text you've already typed will not be affected.
  4. Continue composing the message, and then send it as you normally do.


  1. You also can apply stationery after you've already typed in text for the message; there's no need to start from scratch. In fact, seeing a style's effect might be easier for you if you apply stationery to an already-typed email.
  2. To remove the stationery without deleting your message, just use the Clear stationery button at the bottom right side of the message, or choose None from the stationery menu.

Yahoo Mail isn't the only email provider that lets you use stationery in your emails. Outlook and other popular email clients include some form of this as well.