How to Send Someone's Snap Back to Them

Start with Remix Snap, then add your own personality

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What to Know

  • To remix and send back a story, tap on the story, then tap and hold on the screen, and tap Remix Snap.
  • Add a video or photo, then tap the arrow to send it back.

If you see someone's story on Snapchat and want to edit it and send it back to them, you can do so using Snapchat's remix feature. This allows you to take a photo or video of yourself with your friend's story also on the screen, then send it to them.

How Do You Send Snapchats Back?

You can send a snap from a friend's story back to them, as long as you are replying to the story itself. You can't remix snaps people send to you directly, however you can remix snaps in your Memories. Here's how to remix a snap from someone's story.

  1. In the story you want to remix, tap and hold anywhere on the snap.

  2. When the menu appears, tap Remix Snap.

  3. The snap you're remixing will appear, as well as video from your camera. You can choose from multiple different video options on the left side.

  4. Once you've taken a photo or video, tap on the arrow in the bottom right to send the snap back to your friend.

    Snapchat story reply screen showing Remix Snap option

    You can remix your own snaps from any folder under Memories, and send them to your friends or post it to your story.

    How to Remix Your Own Story

    Besides remixing a friend's story, you can also remix your own to share with others. This can be done with snaps you've saved in your Memories. Doing this is very similar to remixing others' snaps.

  5. From the main Snapchat screen, swipe up to get to Memories.

  6. Tap and hold a photo or video you want to remix.

  7. When the menu appears, tap Remix Snap.

    Snapchat Memories screen showing Remix Snap option
  8. Take a video or photo to add to the snap, then you can tap the arrow in the lower right to send it.

  • Why can't I remix a snap?

    First, make sure it's a snap from the person's story. If they sent it to you privately, you can't remix it. If you don't see the option to remix a snap anywhere, you may need to update your Snapchat app.

  • When you remix a snap, does it tell them?

    Because a remix returns the person's snap back to them, they'll get a notification that you've sent them a message. The remix will appear on their chat page, just like any picture or text you've sent them.

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