How to Sync Email Quickly in Windows Mail

Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Sync Mail for Windows

Do you want to quickly refresh Windows Mail to receive email? There is a keyboard shortcut that works with Mail for Windows 10 as well as the discontinued Windows Mail or Outlook Express that you may still be using.

In Mail for Windows 10, there is an icon for Sync this view which can be used to check for new mail. It is disabled while you are composing email and the shortcut below won't send any email that is being composed.

On the older Windows Mail and Outlook Express toolbar there is a Send and Receive link. There is a keyboard shortcut to perform these functions.

To sync your mail folders in Mail for Windows 10 and to send and receive emails in all your Windows Mail or Outlook Express accounts quickly from the keyboard: Press Ctrl-M.

Now you can use the button less often and rely on the shortcut to see if any new mail has come in.

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