How to Send Pictures on Jack'd for Android

Question: I have tried searching for a way to send photos with Jack'd on Android, but am having no luck. Any ideas? -- Pete Garcia, Houston, Texas

Answer: Unfortunately, while Jack'd for iPhone gay app users are able to send photos to the guys they are pursuing, non-iOS users cannot. You may see photos on Android appear as a link in your message windows. Clicking this link will open the photo, allowing you to view the image.

This missing component is one reason I couldn't give five stars in my Jack'd review, even though I believe it is the best gay app available for smartphone users today.

My advice: Create an Instagram account, fill it with photos you don't mind sharing (ensure you allow others to follow you without permission) and post your Instagram screenname to your Jack'd profile.

This is a great way to share pictures on Jack'd for Android without having to answer that age old query: "Do you have more pics?" --BDH

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