Sending MP3 Songs And Albums From The Amazon Music Store

Use Amazon Music to gift songs and albums

Amazon MP3 Screen
Image © Mark Harris - Licensed to, Inc.

If you've purchased digital music from Amazon then you will be accustomed to its MP3 Store. It's fairly straightforward to download music for yourself, but what about buying for others as a gift? Physical items such as audio CDs can be purchased and sent to another address, but how do you gift digital products like music?

It's done in exactly the same way as purchasing anything else from Amazon. You don't need a special account for digital music, you just use the same account as you've always done.

Gifting Digital Music From Amazon

To start sending songs and albums, go to the Amazon Music website and follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Amazon account by clicking the Sign In button. Type in your email address and password and then click Sign in Using Our Secure Server.
  2. If you know exactly what to send, then the search box near the top of the screen is the fastest way. Click the drop-down menu on the search box and choose the Digital Music option. You can now type in the name of a song, album or artist to get results from the MP3 store. If you prefer to browse, click on the options listed in the left menu pane. This is great if you want to see new releases, albums for $5 or less, or browse through a particular genre.
  3. When you have found a song or album you want to send as a gift, click on its title to view more details.
  4. On the right-hand side of the screen you should see a hyperlink (under the buy button) called More Options -- click on this to reveal more choices.
  1. You will see various options in the list, click on Give Album or Song as a Gift.
  2. Fill in the short form making sure the email address you use is correct. You can also add a short message to personalize you gift if you wish, but it isn't essential.
  3. Check out as normal and your digital music gift will be delivered more or less instantly.


    • Remember, as soon as you purchase a song or album the gift will be sent to the email address you provided. Unfortunately there's no way to schedule a delivery (such as a birthday, Christmas, etc.), so try and do it as close as you can to your preferred date.
    • If you don't see the option to give a song or album as a gift then this facility might not be available in your country. If this is the case then consider purchasing Amazon gift credit as an alternative. You can either buy a physical card, print one out, or do it solely online via email.
    • If the recipient doesn't like what you've sent they can exchange it for Amazon credit. This can be used for virtually anything on Amazon.