Shortcut Key to Send an Email in MacOS Mail

There's more than one way to do things in Mail

CG @ symbol being placed into an envelop
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There are many shortcuts in MacOS and its apps, including the Mail app. If this is your email client of choice, and you send out a lot of emails, one shortcut you might find fine very useful is the keyboard shortcut to send a mail message:

D (Command+Shift+D).

Why "D" as a key in the shortcut? Think of it as short for "Deliver," which can help you to remember it while you get used to using it.

More Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you start using keyboard shortcuts for Mail, you might appreciate adding a few more handy keystrokes to your repertoire. 

Start a new message N (Command+N)
Quit Mail Q (Command+Q)
Open Mail preferences ⌘ , (Command+Comma)
Open selected message ⌘ O (Command+O)
Delete selected message ⌘ ⌫ (Command+Delete)
Forward message ⇧ ⌘ F (Shift+Command+F)
Reply to message ⌘ R (Command+R)
Reply to all ⇧ ⌘ R (Command+R)
Jump to inbox ⌘ 1 (Command+1)
Jump to VIPs ⌘ 2 (Command+2)
Jump to drafts ⌘ 3 (Command+3)
Jump to sent mail ⌘ 4 (Command+4)
Jump to flagged mail ⌘ 5 (Command+5)

Try even more keyboard shortcuts in Mail to see which will make your email time the most efficient it can be, and master Mail with other tips and tricks you may not know about.