How to Send a Message Quickly in Mac OS X Mail

Sending an email is easy with this OS X Mail keyboard shortcut. © Alexis Nyal; CC BY 2.0 license
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Learn the OS X Mail keyboard shortcut for sending messages.

Are Your Hands Where They Need to Be?

When you write an email in OS X Mail, chances are your hands are on the keyboard, not on the mouse.

When you have finished writing the message, would you like to rest your hands on keyboard? Would you like to deliver the email so instead of reaching for the mouse or trackpad and narrowing in on the Send button with the mouse cursor?

With the right OS X Mail keyboard shortcut, you can.

Send a Message Quickly in Mac OS X Mail

To send a message you are composing in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Press Command-Shift-D (think deliver).

More OS X Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Sending mail is not the only thing you want to do fast in OS X Mail, of course—and not the only thing you can.

You can also start a forward, for instance, check for new messages or move messages to certain folders fast.

(Tested with OS X Mail 8)