How to Send Mail Later in Microsoft Outlook

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Tom Merton/Getty Images

Timing is everything, and sometimes, an email is better sent later than right away. Perhaps your message is about an event that's occurring in the future, or maybe a coworker needs info that will make sense only after a certain time has passed—but you're working now and don't want to lose the thought, or you won't be available later to write the email. Whatever the situation, Outlook 2016 has you covered.

Schedule an Email to Send Later

Outlook 2016 allows you to specify exactly when you'd like your email to be sent. Here's how:

  1. Once you've written your message, click Options.
  2. Select Delay Delivery under More Options
  3. Check the Do Not Deliver Before box under Delivery Options.
  4. Choose when you'd like the message to be sent.

This puts your message in the Outbox until the time you've specified arrives.

If You Change Your Mind

If you decide to send your message before the time you've scheduled it, Outlook makes it easy to switch gears. Simply repeat the steps above, but clear the Do Not Deliver Before checkbox. Close your message and send it.