How to Send Mail From All Your Accounts in Yahoo! Mail

Sending Email to all of your accounts in Yahoo Mail is easy

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Yahoo! Mail lets you set up any email address for sending email using its web interface.

Do you have more email addresses than your Yahoo! Mail accounts? Are you a blogger, friend, knowledge worker, and cooking workshop organizer — all with a special email address?

An Email Address for Every You in Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail lets you wear all these hats. Whether you forward your mail to Yahoo! Mail from your other accounts, want to set up Yahoo! Mail to retrieve it using POP or just want to use an email address other than your Yahoo! Mail address in the From line when sending mail: you can set up Yahoo! Mail to let you send mail from any of your addresses.

Send Mail From All Your Accounts and Addresses in Yahoo! Mail

To add an account from which to send mail from Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Select Settings (gear icon ) in your Yahoo! Mail toolbar on the upper right corner.

    The Yahoo Mail inbox.
  2. Select More Settings at the bottom of the right panel.

    The more settings is selected in Yahoo Mail.
  3. Select Mailboxes from the left pane.

    Viewing Mailboxes in Yahoo Mail.
  4. Under Send-only email address, select Add.

    Viewing mailbox management in Yahoo Mail.
  5. In the right pane, under Add send-only email address, enter a non-Yahoo! Mail address and select Next.

    Adding an email address in Yahoo Mail.
  6. Open the email message with the subject Please verify your email address from received at the address you've just added.

    Awaiting verification from an external email account.
  7. Select the verification link in the email from Yahoo! Mail.

    A sample email from Yahoo Mail.
  8. You may be prompted to log back into your Yahoo! Mail.

    The Yahoo Mail login page.
  9. Select Verify once logged in.

    Prompt to verify the external email.
  10. At the successful email verification, either close the browser tab or select Return to account settings.

    Successful addition of an external email in Yahoo Mail.
  11. You should see the newly added external email address under the Send-only email address section.

    Viewing the newly added external email account in Yahoo Mail.
  12. Select the newly added external email address to adjust the name, description, or to remove the address.

    Screenshot of the send only email address in Yahoo Mail.
  13. Enter or edit your name under Your name.

    • This is what will appear in the From line when you send mail and need not be your real name. You can use the role you're playing when using that account, for example, or your name and role.
    Changing the reply name in Yahoo Mail.
  14. Enter a name that helps you recognize the account under Description.

    • If you are out of descriptive names and ideas, try the account's email address.
    Changing the reply email description in Yahoo Mail.
  15. Optionally, enter a reply-to address under Reply-to address.

    • Yahoo! Mail will automatically have entered your main Yahoo! Mail address in this field; this means replies to emails you send from Yahoo! Mail using the address you are in the process of adding will go directly to your Yahoo! Mail address.
    • To receive replies at your non-Yahoo! Mail address, leave empty the Reply-To address field or enter that address in it.
    • You can also enter any other email address under Reply-To address, of course.
  16. Select Save.

  17. Select Back to Inbox at the top left pane.

    Mailbox settings in Yahoo Mail.