How to Send iPhone Mail From a Different Account

Choose an outgoing mail account to send an email message

What to Know

  • Open new message or a reply > tap Cc/Bcc, From > tap From > choose outgoing account.
  • Only email accounts that are configured for your iPhone will be selectable.
  • Message or reply comes from the selected outgoing account and will appear in that account's Sent Mail folder.

This article explains how to send iPhone Mail from a different account and how to use multiple accounts on an iPhone iOS 14 through iOS 10.

Two iPhones exchanging email envelopes

How to Send Mail From a Different Account in iOS Mail

The Mail app in the iPhone iOS sends and receives emails from as many accounts as you have on the phone. After you configure a second (or subsequent) email account, you unlock the functionality to specify the outgoing account for a given message.

To choose the account from which the email or reply you are composing in iPhone Mail will be sent:

  1. Start with a new message or reply in iPhone Mail. There will be a From address displayed.

  2. Tap Cc/Bcc, From to separate the fields.

  3. Tap the From field to select a different From address than the one that is currently displayed.

  4. Tap the address in the pop-up list of mail accounts that you want to use. It appears in the email From field automatically.

    The iPhone Mail app showing alternate From addresses
  5. Continue to address and compose the message and send it.

How to Use Several Accounts in iOS Mail

When you change the From a line of an outgoing message, you also change the account from which the message is sent. For example, if you set up an iCloud account and a Gmail account on your iPhone, and you switch from one account to the other when you send a message, the outgoing message appears in that account's Sent Mail folder, and replies are delivered to the inbox of the account that sent it.

In other words, you're changing the account, not merely the address, that governs that particular message.

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