How to Send Your Location on Android

You can share your location as you move about or just a static location

What to Know

  • Permanent location sharing: Maps menu > Location sharing > New share > Until you turn this off > contact > Share.
  • Temporary location sharing: Maps menu > Location sharing > New share > duration > Copy to clipboard.
  • Current location only (non-Google users): Messages conversation > plus sign > Location > Send this location.

This article details how to share your location from your Android device, whether it be your real-time location as you move or just your current location. It covers multiple methods, so these directions will work if the person does or doesn't have a Google account.

How to Share Location on Android

While there are third-party location-sharing apps that also share your location, this article will focus on three ways to share your location using Google Maps.

Send Your Location With Automatic Updates

The first and arguably the best method, depending on your situation, is to use the Location sharing feature built-in to Google Maps. This lets the other person keep tabs on your location for as long as you let them—you can pick a specific duration or provide your real-time location indefinitely, so it never expires. The person will need a Google account for this method of location sharing.

  1. Tap your Google profile image at the top right to open the menu.

  2. Select Location sharing.

  3. Select the New share button on the bottom.

    Profile icon, Location sharing, and New Share icon in Google Maps app
  4. Choose how long to share your location. You can pick the limited-time option so the other person will see your location for anywhere from 15 minutes to up to a full day. Or, to share it indefinitely, pick Until you turn this off.

  5. Select one or more contacts from the list. You can scroll to the right to view more people.

  6. Tap Share or Send, depending on how you chose the contact.

    Until you turn this off, More, and Share in Google Maps for Android

Send Your Real-Time Location to Non-Google Users

Use this method if you're sending your location to someone who doesn't use a Google account, or you don't want them to have to bother logging in. This is also a great way to quickly send your location to several people at once, like in a group message or email.

The steps to take for this method are very similar to the ones shown above. A big difference is you can't send your permanent, auto-updating location; the link to your location will expire, depending on the duration you choose.

  1. Repeat steps 1–3 as they're shown above: profile image > Location sharing > New share.

  2. Choose how long your location should be shared. Your options are various durations from 15 minutes up to 24 hours.

  3. Choose an app to share the link through. If you scroll to the far right, you can select Copy to clipboard if you'd rather send the link later or in an app not listed there.

  4. Select Share on the prompt explaining that anyone with the link will you see your name, photo, and location. The countdown will start immediately.

    New Share, Copy to clipboard, and Share in Google Maps for Android

    Return to the Location sharing screen (see step 1) to add time or stop sharing your location.

Send Your Current Location Only

The Messages app includes a Location option that will send your current location to whoever is in the conversation. This is your current location only, meaning it just sends the address you're at right now, and it won't update for the recipient when you move. They do not need a Google account for this.

  1. With a new or existing conversation open with the person, tap the plus sign to the left of the keyboard.

  2. Select Location from the list of options.

  3. Tap Send this location to share a Google Maps link to your whereabouts.

    Plus (+), Location, and Send this location in Google Messages for Android

    Select anywhere on the map to send a different location, or to correct your real location if the one found by GPS is wrong. There's also a search tool and a list of nearby locations if you'd rather share the location of a nearby business.

These instructions were created from a Google Pixel running Android 12. The steps and screenshots might differ between other Android devices.

  • How do I send my location from an iPhone to an Android?

    You can share your location on your iPhone through Google Maps the same way you do on Android. You also have the option to send your location through iCloud, Family Sharing, or the Messages app.

  • How do I turn off Google location tracking?

    To disable Google location tracking, go to Google's My Activity page and select Location History > Turn Off or Choose an auto-delete option.

  • How do I delete my Google location history on Android?

    To delete your location history, go to Google Maps' Timeline page and select Settings > Delete all Location History.

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