How to Send a Google Calendar Invite

You can send invites from a desktop browser or the Google Calendar mobile app

What to Know

  • Select the event: Edit event > Guests > Include Guests (Names or Email addresses) > Save.
  • To uninvite a guest, select the event and go to Guests > choose the X on the right of their name.
  • To send an invite in Google Calendar from mobile, select the event and go to Edit > Add guests > Done > Save.

This article explains how to send a Google Calendar invite. You can send calendar invites from the desktop and mobile to anyone with or without a Gmail account.

How to Send a Calendar Invite

Google Calendar makes it easy to schedule an event in the real world or an online meeting on Google Meet. Here's how to invite participants with a quick Google Calendar invite.

  1. Log into Google Calendar in a browser with your Google account.

  2. Create an event in Google Calendar or select an existing event.

  3. Select the pencil icon (Edit event) in the pop-up overlay.

    Edit a Google Calendar event
  4. The Events detail screen is split into two panes: Event Details on the left and Guests on the right.

    Event Details in Google Calendar
  5. Go to Guests and start typing the event participant's name or email address.

  6. Select the head silhouette icon next to a guest to mark them as optional. Optional guests can choose to attend the event if they desire.

    Mark a guest as optional in Google Calendar
  7. Use the auto-suggestions in the drop-down list to compile the list of participants. You can also type an email address to invite people who are not in your contacts list.

  8. Select Save to send the Google Calendar invite to all the listed event participants. Choose Send when Google prompts you again with a confirmation message.

    Sending a Google Calendar invite


You can control the level of interaction an attendee can have with the calendar invite. You can select Modify event (allow guests to edit the event), Invite others, and See guest list (allow guests to see other attendees). These permissions can only be set from Google Calendar on the desktop as they are unavailable on the Google Calendar app on Android and iOS.

How to Send a Calendar Invite From a Mobile

Sending a calendar invite for an event is just as easy from your iPhone or Android. The steps and screenshots below are on iOS.


Specific steps may differ based on the operating system version you're running, but the basic process will be the same.

  1. Select Edit (the pencil icon).

  2. Select Add guests.

  3. Enter the name or email address of the people you want to invite.

  4. Select Done.

  5. Select Save.

    Google Calendar Mobile (iOS) invite

Guests can send a RSVP reply to the event invite with a "Yes" or "No".

How to Cancel a Calendar Invite for a Contact

You can remove a contact from the list of attendees easily.

  1. Select the event in Google Calendar and choose the pencil icon to edit the event.

  2. Go to the Guests section.

  3. Choose the contact you want to uninvite and click on the X on the right of their name to cancel the calendar invite. The event will be removed from their Google Calendar.

    Remove a Guest from a calendar invite
  • How do I share my Google Calendar?

    Your Google Calendar can be shared via the web page with specific people or with anyone who has the link. It's important to note that, while you can't share a full calendar through the mobile app, you can share individual events.

  • How do I sync my Google Calendar to my iPhone?

    Your Google Calendar won't support all of the same features through your iPhone, but syncing it to your iPhone is possible through Settings. In fact, you can sync multiple Google accounts (and by extension, calendars) to your iPhone if you want to.

  • How do I add birthdays to my Google Calendar?

    Adding birthdays to your Google Calendar can be done by simply updating your Google Contacts with birthday information. Though it may require some initial prep work if the necessary options haven't been set up yet.

  • How do I add a new calendar to my Google Calendar?

    Once your Google Calendar is set up, adding a new calendar is fairly simple. This way you can designate multiple overlapping calendars for various parts of your life (i.e. work, vacation, social events, etc).

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