How to Send Flickr Photos in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail no longer supports Flickr

Collage of photographs
John Lund / Getty Images

It is no longer possible to send Flickr photos directly through Yahoo Mail; however, you can still insert images in Yahoo Mail messages or send them as attachments.

Sure, it's easy to send links to your (or others') Flickr albums and photos. If you've got the time you can copy preview images to the email, too.

If you don't want to spend that time, how about browsing your Flickr photostream right in Yahoo! Mail? How about picking multiple images and send them easily in a new message — thumbnails, automatic guest passes for private photos and all?

Send Flickr Photos Easily in Yahoo! Mail

To browse, select and send photos from your Flickr account as well as other's public Flickr images easily from within Yahoo! Mail:

  • Make sure the Flickr application is enabled in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click Flickr under Applications in the Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  • To share your own, even private photos:
    • Click Yes, sign me in!.
      • If you see no Yes, sign me in! button, click Sign in.
      • Click OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT to allow Flickr on Yahoo! Mail access to your Flickr photos.
  • Click to select the photos you want to send.
    • Use the search field to find images.
  • Click Share Photos.
  • If you included private photos in your selection, click Yes, send all.
    • The email will include a special link that allows access to the selected private photos. If the recipient shares this link, the privileges travel with it.
      • You can revoke the special access rights at any time, though: Select Contacts | Guest Pass History in Flickr and click Expire for the unwanted pass.
  • Address the message, insert a subject and add a few words to the body, then click Send.

Add the Flickr Application to Yahoo! Mail

To turn on the Flickr app in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click Add next to Applications in the Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  • Now click Add under Flickr.
  • Accepting the terms of Flickr use in Yahoo! Mail, click I Agree.